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my shoots in buenos aires and lafayette louisiana CAUTION: bloody, gory fx makeup!

after returning from my little work odyssey the holiday season just sort of swarmed over the land and then i was just too distracted to update.  how terribly neglectful of me.  i’m an awful awful person.  looking back at that last post before i left, i was so abrupt.  so… insensitive.  please forgive me.  it’s a terrible excuse, but i found out at 2pm that i would be leaving the next morning for over 10 days and i had SOOOO much crap to do.  certainly a good lesson to be more on top of my shit in case i book more of these cool out of town/country gigs, huh.  wha???  ahhgh!

so let’s get to the good stuff, yes?

ARGENTINA.  wtf.  they eat a LOT of meat.  drink a LOT of wine.  smoke a LOT of cigarettes.  kiss-greet so gloriously.  OH.  and drink yerba mate all up in the joint all damn day.

needless to say, the trip was da sh*t.

maybe i was getting a particularly fine sampling of the creative contingency in buenos aires, but i loved how effortlessly hip everyone was on set.  they rocked the most efficient chill-the-fuck-out work mode i’ve ever seen.  all around there was an abundance of great personal style and also LAUGHTER.  people were working, but they were having lots of fun.  it was rad.

we had two sets of talent the whole shoot.  one for the latin american market, and one for the asian market.  it was a trip because there would be two girls in the same outfit, one latin and one asian.  so without further ado, invite you to click the meat for photos i put up in a facebook album because, well…i’m feeling too lazy to upload them into the blog.  but also, i took a lot of video of this trip that i plan on editing into a vlaggg.  wohoo.  so deal.

( click here if the photo link doesn't work)

I also had the pleasure of traveling to Lafayette, Louisiana to work on a film called Fight or Flight.  probably the coolest part of this job was watching the FX makeup artist transform me into a gory “zombie.”  so rad!!  She was so good…and made it appear effortless, although all in all it would take an hour and a half to get it on, and then an hour to take it all off.  crazy.  after the second full day of sitting in this wet, sticky, mess, i was impatient and pulled one of the prosthetic pieces off my neck without the proper removal solution.  the next day i woke up with a nasty mark on my neck…basically a disgusting, weird shaped hickey from the silicone pulling off my skin.  gross.  it’s still not completely gone yet.  doh.

aside from all that, i had such a pleasure working with everyone on this show.  everyone worked sooo hard and under tremendous pressure at times, but everyone still managed to have a good time.  they also helped give me a nice birthday away from home and almost made it feeel like i was celebrating with old friends.  it was incredibly sweet and left a really nice memory for me to keep always.

anyhow, before this blog becomes endless, some photos of the makeup.  CAUTION:  it’s pretty bloody!

oh and prosthetic open wounds look uncannily like vaginas before they’re painted and bloodied up.  enjoy.

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Did they give you contact lenses as well? It's very convincing makeup!
over 14 years ago
Photo 505164
Awesome horror efx pics.... My movies have gore envy now. ; )
over 14 years ago
Photo 58618
Those eyes are freaky!
over 14 years ago
Photo 22998
Wow, that really is disturbing.
over 14 years ago


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