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oh no she din't (totally vlogged)

so yeahhh…

the time finally came for me to vlog out. what kind of person does these things? these little vlog things?

me. apparently.

i mean, rather than start another written post saying long it’s been since i’ve blogged blah blah blah blah blah, i decided to just talk it out. OH BOY did i talk it out. BEWARE. 10 minutes of yours truly and that’s after editing it down.

you’re welcome.

and well, not to reveal anything in there, but you’ve probably already Read more

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let your voice be heard

Last week President Obama and Secretary Vilsack approved Monsanto’s GMO alfalfa despite overwhelming public protest. This move fundamentally undermines the organic industry, especially organic meat and dairy. In approving GMO alfalfa the Obama administration has caved to Monsanto and made it harder for family farmers to make a living and for consumers wanting to eat safe, healthy foods.

This decision is a devastating blow to our democracy and the basic rights of farmers to choose how they want to grow food on their land and pr...Read more

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daddy no

well goodness.

lots of stuff in this first month of 2011…where do i begin? i suppose first of all, you should know i discovered that all this time since high school i’ve been typing incorrectly and losing the hearts of typographers everywhere by putting not one, but TWO spaces after each period of a sentence. not my fault! thanks, north carolina typing class teacher. needless to say, i will NOT be going back through my whole blog to correct this travesty.

DEAL, typograph...Read more

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love life

Bruce Lipton is my hero.  Set yourself free…

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Uncle Flow

i used to make a lot of excuses.  i admit it.  there were lots.  i didn’t realize how much at the time.  i had excuses for when i would start eating right, start exercising, to take classes, to be creative, to drink water, to build my career, to examine my relationships, to heal relationships, to connect with my family, to go out with friends, to meet new people.  christ, you name it, i’ve made an excuse to NOT do it at least one point in my life.

this ...Read more

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more than meets the eye…

have you ever woken up one day and realized you are a completely different person?

this is happening to me.  over and over and over again.

complete transformation.

wtf [inthebestway].

it used to take so much time for me to change, and as i mentioned before, i seem to be changing faster and faster… at the speed of light.

even just a year ago i was still living in toxicity.  so much better than before, but still attached to a way of life that did not serve me one freaking bit.  alcohol?  binge ea...Read more

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blame bashfulness

i think about writing in my blog every single day.  and yet i don’t.  obvsly.

please forgive me.

it’s not that i don’t have things to share.  i do.  tons in fact.  for example, it was my birthday on the 10th of december.  AND, i recently shot an episode of the show BONES in November, which suddenly had to be reshot on said birthday.  might sound like a bummer but it turned out to be exactly the steamy birthday gift from the universe i asked for.  wrapped in ...Read more

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Tap In


excessive as it’s become (as with all American EVERYTHING), it is one of my favorite times of the year.


well, for one, i can actually feel the surge of collective gratitude emanating around us.

thanksgiving is one of those holidays where, even though humans are scrambling and stressing to buy just the right things to complete just the right process to create just the right colon blockage, we are also insistently reminded to think of what we appreciate in our lives.

what we are thankful for.Read more

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Forever Jung

“Every form of addiction is bad, no matter whether the narcotic be alcohol or morphine or idealism.”  — Carl Jung

if you follow me on twitter or facebook, you have been privy to my barrage of various inspirational quotes of late.

how apropo carl, how apropo.

it’s true though, i have definitely been on an idealism binge.  this one is pretty serious.  i mean, i was always a ...Read more

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pa(r)tty on

the last few months have been beautiful in so many ways.  so much happiness, love, and excitement in more than one avenue of my life.  this did not come without a few minor disappointments, maybe a major one too, but goddamn it if it wasn’t so much fucking fun.

the gifts i received:

my theatrical soul agent and already a like-family friend.

a magical chance to audition for, get to director’s session with, and be called for avail, on a HUGE studio sequel, based on the casting directors remembering my audition from 3 years a...Read more

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