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sunday is the new sunday

i had the most amazing day.  a perfect sunday.

beautiful.  hot.  sunny.

good friend.  good food.  good ness.

i love waking up and feeling new.  it seems to happen more and more.  i feel new, but yet i’m returning to the old.  i guess it’s not so much an old and new thing, but more a return to the genuine.  to what’s real.  it’s a mind blowing thing to realize the degree to which one can mask his or her true self.

it’s mind blowing in another realm entirely when you realize you’re coming back.  i apprec...Read more

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Flex Yo Hustle Muscle

today was one of those days of runnin’ round — flexin’ that hustle muscle.  i finally had a commercial audition, which is great…haven’t had one in weeks.  and it seemed to go well!  i’ll keep you posted about that.

i also had my first hate comment on youtube about my video.  wow…sometimes people are just really aggro.  i don’t get it.  why waste that energy?  if you don’t like something, don’t watch it.  but some people like to hate i guess.  but i’m not going to remove it.  with all the good sometimes comes bad.  this is inevit...Read more

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A Cutebutdeadly Fun Taiwan Co-Host…or maybe just Cutebutwacky?

Yesterday I was on AlivenotDead.com and saw that Rottendoubt had posted something about how Discovery’s Fun Taiwan was on the search for a new Co-Host.

WELL.  normally i wouldn’t be the type to shoot a Read more

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a photo a day

helps to keep boredom away.

going through the images from my shoot with lee is crazy!  some of our best work yet.  so rather than one giant photo regurgitation, i’m going to post up a shot a day instead.  it just seems more fun.  or maybe i just really like to make ya’ll wait.  ha.


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chemically balanced

this summer i had the great pleasure of working with my friend and photographer, lee clower.  lee and i met a few years ago to do a test shoot and enjoyed working with each other so much that it’s become an annual ritual.  working with him is a testament to the importance of good chemistry between a photographer and his/her subject.  with lee i feel 100% comfortable and trust him immensely, which allows me to tap into a part of me that is rarely revealed.  it’s actually… meditative ...Read more

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The Making of BaO (part I of many)

i’m starting to see straight again, so i’ve begun to go through some of the behind the scenes footage i took along the way.  there’s a lot of it, so i have some work ahead of me, but i’m going to try to post a new one every few days so keep checking back!  there were actually so many moments that didn’t even get captured, but watching what i do have is so wild. it reminds me of summer camp, when they post up photographs on the last day and you think about the good times you just had and feel so goddamn sentimental and shizz...Read more

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like … an infection?

the last week has been nutso.  i released my video into the wild on Sunday, July 26th and today, Aug 4th, it has already close to 20,000 views.

now, i am not one of those youtube partners who has a half million subscribers receiving emails when their favorite youtube celebrities post a new video, no.  i think i may have had seven subscribers when i put the video up  and that included my brother, a friend here or there, and maybe one or two viewers scavenged from superfuture.  OH, and my best friend’s mom.  yeah!!!

so beca...Read more

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Angry Asian Man Featured My Video!

READ HIS BLOG HERE!  http://www.angryasianman.com DOWNLOAD BAO EAT YOU UP FREE HERE!

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Summer of Bun has officially begun!!!

Created by

Patty Yu  ( www.cutebutdeadly.net)

Directed by

Catie Laffoon ( visit catie’s myspace)


Patty Yu … executive producer

Lanlin Wong … producer


Sasha Freedman (director of photography)


Patty Yu

...Read more
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