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no matter what the ups and downs of this business, i still love it.  i love every single risk, every single try.  every rejection humbling and useful to my spirit.  thank you so much for this.  i am so grateful to be here.


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there is no emergency

“Resist the temptation to yield to any sense of urgency.  There’s no emergency.  Your true direction will make itself known if you’re patient.  “

these words helped me today.

i freaking love life.  so many secret signs everywhere.  so excited, happy, and feeling really good.

oh, btw i got an email today that made me shake with excitement for 30 minutes life is that good.  funny thing is, it wasn’t even news.  yet.  obviously when it becomes news officially, i shall certainly share it with you.

oh, and som...Read more

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what girls are made of

so in a previous post i very briefly mentioned SUGAR.

i also called sugar PURE EVIL.

no.  i won’t take it back.

i’ve thought a lot about how i would approach this blog post — more thought than i ever put into writing these things (usually it’s what i like to call written diarrhea. . . cuz i thought you needed that image in your mind just now).

anyhow, i realized that this would probably also become a post on body ...Read more

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um. herro.

great shoot today.

these two bad bitches at The Little Room Studio offered a deal through [my guilty pleasure] GROUPON and i took it.  glad i did.  love the shots and can’t wait to share more.

thank you so much, Eddie!

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hey you.



accept that it is your birthright to have a beautiful, fun, fullfilling life.

look for joy instead of disappointment.

be inspired by the things that you see in the world.

be inspired by things that affect you.

it is ok for you to feel those things.

it is OK for you to FEEL.

you need to.  for a reason.

that feeling is a message.  and it has nothing to do with this or that or him or her.  it has to do with you.  it is a clue to your innermost secrets an...Read more

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life change vehicle

it’s funny how in this business, EVERYTHING can change… in.  just.  one.


this is something i can really feel where i am right now.  in this moment.

the last few years have been a build up.

it has been a time to learn.  absorb.  affect.

the biggest lesson was the most simple and yet sometimes the hardest.

i had to learn how to believe in myself.

see, it’s strange because i always did to an extent.  otherwise i wouldn’t have made my way to los angeles and started living this v...Read more

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uh oh.

this.  is a preview.

photo by lee clower

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it’s not you it’s me

dearest reps,

we had some really good times, we did.  i learned so much about myself.  i mean, i kind of grew up while i was with you.  you made me feel so safe inside a giant wall of protection.  i looked up to you.  i let you make all my decisions.

but i guess now that i’m a lil more grown up, i kinda wanna try something new.  i wanna see what else is out there, swim in a smaller, more focused pond, and learn from new masters.

please forgive me for leaving you and know that i’m forever grateful.

and i ho...Read more

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my hips have whiskers

my new favorite shirt from PAVONINE.

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god’s candy

let’s all just be thankful for a minute

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