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REMINDER!! I've changed my main twitter to @PattyYUniverse! Follow that page for regular updates & musings. Telepathic tweets exempt.

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IT'S OFFICIAL! I've changed my main twitter to @PattyYUniverse! Follow that page for regular updates & musings. Or subscribe telepathically.

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Hello loves! switching my main twitter @cutebutdeadly to @PattyYUniverse later by deleting this 1st...follow @cutebutdeadly now 2 stay cnctd

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Earthdance in Ojai with Patty YUniverse

Video: http://youtu.be/EF0nbZ-G-2w

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you are, in this very moment, the absolutely most perfect you that has ever existed and this statement will always be true. so thanks!

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i heart will ferrell

yes, i know.

but look what i’ve got for you after all these months!! i recently got to partake in a project spawned from the creative labs of ELEVATE as a response to a Will Ferrell parody of the video Dear Woman, a video based on the “Manifesto for Conscious Men,” which has gotten quite a number of hits on Youtube and has raised a bit of discussion amongst men and women alike regarding the dance of the masc...Read more

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how does your perception shape reality?

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well. today’s the day folks.

the rapture.


i was indeed judged today. yup. i got hacked. and you know what my punishment was? 24 hours without facebook. i’d say i did pretty good.

thanks GOD. love ya.

for real though i’m really thankful for today, ya know? it’s kind of amazing really. the download i keep getting is that it is a judgment day of sorts for the collective consciousness. even if we know deep in our hearts that the world isn’t going to physically end for the majority of humans today...Read more

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infinite love

life is so amazing and beautiful….

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oh hai.

yes, yes…i realize it’s been a while.

what’s changed, really?


as usual, transformation is the name of the game peeps. not surprising to me anymore, as this IS the time. it’s now or never!!

are you noticing it as well? noticing yourself and the people around you making changes, or if not consciously making them, situations “occur” and cause a shift? if you presence yours...Read more

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July 15, 2009

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