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Blog safely! A new "autosave" feature and other site improvements|Blog安全啦!新推出的”自動保存”功能和其他改進

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Admin has been a BUSY BEAR! We've been cooking up a bunch of new improvements and there are two features which I think will make your time on Alive Not Dead alot easier.

First, we've setup a new "autosave" feature. If you've blogged for a long-time, then you know how frustrating it is to accidentally lose a blog entry becau...Read more

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Improvements to the interface and settings | 首頁面板和設定的修改|首页面板和设定的修改

We've been working hard here at Alive Not Dead and listening to your comments as well as gather our own ideas about how to make the site easier to navigate and use on a daiily basis. I wanted to introduce some recent changes that we've made.

First, we've simplified the "User Panel" which you'll see on the righthand side of t...Read more

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We're looking for an all-star programmer | 我們正在招募一個全明星程序員 | 我们正在招募一个全明星程序员


中文] Hi there, everyone. Alive Not Dead is looking to expand our team and bring on a much-needed, all-star programmer to help improve and build out the site. If you're a web programmer or know of one who is looking for a great position at a fun, growing company, please let us know. Let your qualified friends and acquaintances know as well. If you want to help us publicize this job post on public forums/post boards, feel ...Read more

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Launch of the new happy, fun News Section | 開心、有趣的”藝術家新聞”上線啦 | 开心、有趣的”艺术家新闻”上线啦


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I want to introduce everyone to Alive Not Dead's new News Section.

Now that you've been surfing Alive Not Dead for some time now, you know that Jet Li has been has been busy launching his new "Come Together" Buddhist foundation, Daniel Wu has been Read more

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New look for artist forums! | 藝術家論壇新外觀!| 艺术家论坛新外观!

check out the new look for our artist forums!  aren't they pretty?

big thanks to smellycat for his hard work!

-admin bear





...Read more
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Support alive not dead!| 請支持alive not dead!| 请支持alive not dead!

Here’s a way to help support [alive not dead]: If you’re already a member of Facebook, Friendster, Myspace, or Xanga, you can join one of the [alive not dead] groups that we’ve created on those social networks. By joining the group, you’re letting your friends know about [alive not dead].


Support [alive not dead] by joining the [alive not dead] group on the networks below (click logo to view)

 Read more

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More Featured Artists to Introduce!

It's been a few weeks since the last introduction to our new featured artists so I thought it would be good to show you some of the new folks that have graced our community of artists.

(If you didn't see my last artist introduction, click here.)

Eddie a.k.a. DorYuk


A music producer/composer who&#...Read more

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Looking for a few good bears to join the alivenotdead team!

now that we've launched, we're looking to find some marketing interns interested in helping us promote the site. 

details here:



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Making friends

Thanks to everyone for providing your suggestions and feedback about the site so far. We’re trying our best to respond to your comments and we’ve assembled a list of fixes and improvements which we’ll be working in the coming weeks.

One of the most frequently mentioned improvement requests has been to make it easier to connect with friends. By connecting with friends on alive not dead, you can keep track of your friends' updates. Previously, it was necessary to provide your friend’s exact name and email address in order to create a...Read more

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Introducing Our Featured Artists

We've been so busy trying to get all our featured artists up-and-running (as well as working out other issues with the site) that we have been negligent in letting all of you in on some of our recently added featured artists.

Of course, you all probably are familiar with our original featured artists:

Daniel Wu T...Read more

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Hi, I am Admin Bear and this is the alivenotdead.com company blog. hi,我是小編熊仔,這是 alivenotdead.com 公司的博客


Hong Kong
November 13, 2006