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Get the word out on your favorite artists! | 推廣你最愛的藝術家! | 推广你最爱的艺术家!

[ 繁體中文]        [ 简体中文] [alive not dead] is proud to host the official fan networks for our Read more

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Expand your tastes: Your friends favorite artists | 擴展體驗:你好友最愛的藝術家 | 扩展体验:你好友最爱的艺术家

[ 繁體中文]      [ 简体中文] [alive not dead] is about connecting with your favorite artists and learning about new, emerging artists. We've recently launched a new feature that will help you learn WHO your friends' favorite artists are -- maybe they've discovered a hot new talent that you don't already know about! Check out Read more

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Send birthday wishes to your favorite artists and friends | 發送生日祝福給喜愛的藝術家及好友 | 发送生日祝福给喜爱的艺术家及好友

[ 繁體中文]      [ 简体中文] Never miss another birthday for your favorite [alive not dead] artists or friends! With the new "birthday reminder" feature, you'll be updated whenever there's an upcoming birthday for your friends or anyone who you're a fan of. First, the updates will appear in your User Panel:

<...Read more

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Your emailed community update | "社區通訊"郵件 | "社区通讯"邮件

[ 繁體中文]        [ 简体中文]

We've made an important new advancement on [alive not dead] and we hope that it makes [alive not dead] even more fun and useful for you. In the recent week, you may have received the first of our "Community Updates" emails. This email newsletter contains a snapshot of all of your new entries, comments, PMs, and more in a single update.

Read more

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Becoming more social | 擴大社交圈! | 扩大社交圈!

Day 2 of our week full of new feature releases and we want to introduce you to the " Friend Finder". You might have used this tool previously in order to find which of your friends were already on [alive not dead] and to send invitations to your other friends.

We've recently updated this feature so that now you can automatical...Read more

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Blog Import tool and Happy National Day | 博客導入工具,國慶節快樂!| 博客导入工具,国庆节快乐!

Admin Bear is celebrating National Day here in Hong Kong and, while most people in China/Hong Kong have the day off, our industrious ursine co-worker is still in the office and is celebrating the holiday releasing more cool [alive not dead] features!

Do you already have another blog on one of the man...Read more

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We know where you've been | 我們知道在哪兒找你 | 我们知道在哪儿找你

By requst by many, many of our members, we've been working hard to institute a really improved way for you to keep track of your feeds and of your incoming comments. It's been in development for a while now, but we're finally ready to debut our new "User Panel" which now is more useful than before.

The new User Panel includes unites together a wide ...Read more

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Artist categories and more | 藝術家分類及其他

It's been a while since we've announced new features and improvements on [alive not dead], but fear not -- the [alive not dead] team has been working hard to add more great artists and add new features.

Here are a couple of the recently launched features that you should check out:

| 自從上次發布了新功能和一些改進之後,有段時間沒跟大家報告進展了。現在有新消息—經過[alive not dead]團隊的努力勤奮工作,我們又推出了更多優秀藝術家和新功能!


| 自从上次发布了新功能和一些改进之后,有段时间没跟大家报告进展了。现在有新消息—经过[alive not dead]团队的努力勤奋工作,我们又推出了更多优秀艺术家和新功能!Read more

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Volunteers Needed for Josie Ho event - Sept 16+18th | 征集何超儀演出活動的誌願者--9月16日、18日

Hello Everyone,  Admin Bear here, I wanted to ask for your guys help in supporting one of our Featured Artists and helping to get the word out for Alivenotdead.com!

Josie Ho will be performing at two events in Hong Kong in the coming week - Sept 16th in Kowloon Bay and Sept 18th in Causeway Bay.  Click for more info:

Sept 16th -Read more

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Advanced user search and 2nd degree friends | 高級搜索及第二層好友

Here are two new features on the site that will cause you to waste time at work while surfing Alive Not Dead.

| 我們又推出了兩個新功能,讓你在Alive Not Dead沖浪時不再浪費多余的時間。

| 我们又推出了两个新功能,让你在Alive Not Dead冲浪时不再浪费多余的时间。

Advanced User Search



Read more

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Hi, I am Admin Bear and this is the alivenotdead.com company blog. hi,我是小編熊仔,這是 alivenotdead.com 公司的博客

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