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24Herbs Products On Sale Now! | 24Herbs新商品上架! | 24Herbs新商品上架!

Hey everyone,  Adminbear here with a quick update on what's going on w/ alivenotdead.com!

First of all, we'd like to announce that we've made a great addition to our line-up of products available at the AnD online store!    We've been selling 24Herbs' CDs since they launched on January 24th, but now we also have their popular hats and T-shirt designs (both male and female!)  -

Read more

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SF International Film Festival

For those in the US,  Admin Bear wants to make sure everyone knows about the exciting films screening at the upcoming 26th Annual San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival, hosted by our friends at The Center for Asian American Media!  It runs from the 13th of March to the 23rd:

Click to view the festival guide

There ...Read more

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Alivenotdead.com's Next Big Event: Audiotraffic CD Launch Party!

Hey Everyone, Admin Bear here with another update on the exciting goings on at AnD! 

Last weekend was AnD artist Pat Lee's exciting Live Performance Illustration Event at Diesel's Brave Gallery in downtown Hong Kong.  Despite some rain, the turnout from AnD members and AnD artists was amazing and Pat did a great job.  Please check out Read more

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Exciting AnD Events! | 精彩AnD活動!

A late Happy Lunar Year (and Valentines Day) to everyone!

Things have been very busy here at the Alivenotdead.com office, as usual!   We last month unveiled our new online store and the reception has been great. Thanks to everyone who has placed and order and thanks for your patience as we get all the kinks ironed out.  We are looking forward to adding more products in the coming weeks, be sure to check back for more announcements!

But the big news of February is EVENTS.  In the coming two weeks we have FOUR t...Read more

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Arigatou Gozaimasu! | 非常感謝!

Admin Bear and the AnD staff have been busy the last few days! 

You may have seen the spotlights highlighting our JC Photobook fundraiser ( see the previous entry for the original announcement). 

Last Friday we got a special offer from Daniel Wu to help us raise money for JC's family,  by offering a free autograph to any fans who buy the book. ( Read more

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JC Photobook now available! | 線上購買JC攝影輯!

Alivenotdead has just started selling a product online through the site. We want to make sure everyone knows!

| Alivenotdead開始線上銷售了,我們要告訴大家!

| Alivenotdead开始线上销售了,我们要告诉大家!We are especially proud that our first online sale is for a very good cause!  We are helping sell a special limited edition fundraiser photobook for the Hong Kong Photographer JC who passed away from cancer on Dec 29th, 2007.

The book contains many high qua...Read more

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Interns Wanted / Wild Day Out 2008! | 招募實習生 / 狂熱2008!

2008 has started off with a bang!  Yesterday was the 2008 Wild Day Out Music Festival in Hong Kong.  A big thanks to all the Alivenotdead.com volunteers who helped us pass out fliers yesterday! Including Caihao and his friends from Guangzhou who hit the fans lining up in the morning:

| 2008年已經熱烈開場!昨天是2008香港Wild Day Ou...Read more

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Hard rock and nakedness | 搖滾及裸露

[ 繁體中文]                 [ 简体中文]

WARNING: Nakedness, jollity, and kick butt PUNK ROCK ahead!

[alive not dead], Diesel, and a whole slew of [alive not dead] artists and friends...Read more

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A new way to get to your profile | 你空間的新地址

[ 繁體中文]                 [ 简体中文]

A note to those of you who want to let your friends and fans know about your [alive not dead] profile:

We've changed the URL address for profiles -- previously, most profiles had a question mark or, worse, an meaningless ID number after alivenotdead.com:

Example: http://www.alivenotdead.com/?percy...Read more

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Presenting the new, improved photo features | 介紹最新、改進的照片功能

[ 繁體中文]                 [ 简体中文] I'd like to introduce you to the new photo and photo album features on [alive not dead] which will vastly improve your experience here on the site. These features apply to all photos on your profile whether they are in the Read more

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