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Flame members can add special FX to their profiles|"火焰幫"成員能為自己的空間添加特別動畫效果|"火焰帮"成员能为自己的空间添加特别动画效果

Here's another way to make your alivenotdead profile special. You can add special FX and animation to your profile to make it sparkle and shine. This feature is available right now for all alivenotdead.com Flame Members and there are over thirty different animations to choose from.

BECOME A FLAME MEMBER NOW Here are some of the effects:

March is St. Pa...Read more

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Alivenotdead.com & Jin Party @ Hotel Panorama Live!

Live Streaming by Ustream.TV

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Bring LOVE into your life!|為生命註入愛的活力!|为生命注入爱的活力!

Love is in the air and around-the-corner, and alivenotdead.com is introducing two new themes to decorate your profile###New Profile Theme: LOVE RULES! ###New Profile Theme: LOVE SUCKS! These themes and many others are ava...Read more

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Celebrate CNY with "Year of the Ox" Flame profile theme!|換上"火焰幫"牛年空間主題,慶祝農歷新年!|换上"火焰帮"牛年空间主题,庆祝农历新年!|丑年のフレームで春節をお祝い

The alivenotdead.com family wishes all of our artists and members a very HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR. Ringing in the "Year of the Ox" means a trip home to visit family and old friends.

To celebrate the "Year of the Ox", we've created a new, special "Year of the Ox" profile theme ...Read more

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Attention Artists: Sell Your Products In Our Store|藝術家們請註意:在我們的網上商店售賣你的商品|艺术家们请注意:在我们的网上商店售卖你的商品

Greetings Artists!Our newly revamped online store is now ready for you to offer your product(s) to our Alivenotdead.com community.We would like to encourage any and all artists to display their merchandise on their profiles where fans and friends alike can make purchases throug...Read more

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The alivenotdead.com family wishes you a very ALIVE holiday season! | alivenotdead.com家族祝福你聖誕假期ALIVE -- 生龍活虎! | alivenotdead.com家族祝福你圣诞假期ALIVE -- 生龙活虎!

Greetings to all of our friends and family on alivenotdead.com. We're hoping that everyone has a safe, and happy holiday around the world and send you our warmest wishes from the alivenotdead.com team and extended family of artists.First, thanks to all of the fantastic official artists -- now numbering over 1,000 artists, our roster h...Read more

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Gain SUPERPOWERS by becoming an alivenotdead.com Flame member|加入alivenotdead.com"火焰幫",你就擁有超能力|加入alivenotdead.com"火焰帮",你就拥有超能力|alivenotdead.comの「炎」メンバーになって

alivenotdead.com has now grown to 350,000 members so we're providing you with a way to show off to other members that you're a special alivenotdead.com member.Choose from one of the following:• 6-month membership: ~$39HKD per mont...Read more

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Translators recruitment: Help translate for your favorite artists | 徵集alivenotdead.com譯員,為你喜愛的藝術家做專屬翻譯! | 征集 alivenotdead.com 译员,为你喜爱的艺术家做专属翻译!

Note:The following is a Chinese-language recruitment posting for our Chinese-fluent members.你訪問 alivenotdead.com 是為了哪位藝術家? 願意成為他/她的專屬翻譯,為喜愛的藝術家提供幫助嗎?現在我們給你這個極好的機會,讓你更近距離了解喜愛的藝術家,幫助他/她完善空間內容,在閱讀中、英文的粉絲中獲得更全面的認知,獲得更大成功!如果你有能力、有時間、真喜歡這位藝術家,何不助以一臂之力? 

alivenotdead.com 譯員條件: 



  -認真、負責、專...Read more

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Reef Check Contest Winner: Suzy Teh (Totobobo)|"拯救珊瑚礁"比賽獲勝者:Suzy Teh (Totobobo)|"拯救珊瑚礁"比赛获胜者:Suzy Teh (Totobobo)

Alivenotdead.com regular, Suzy Teh, was the winner of the Reef Check Contest 2008. She documents her experience from when she finds out she was the winner to her finally traveling to Los Angeles to meet Kelly Huand many other artists and celebrities. Congratulations to Suzy and a big thanks to her and all her friends for supporting Alivenotdead.com and the Reef ...Read more

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Reef Check Contest Winners Announced!|"拯救珊瑚礁比賽"獲獎者名單揭曉!|"拯救珊瑚礁比赛"获奖者名单揭晓!

We are very pleased to announce the names of the winners of the Reef Check Contest for 2008!   We received nearly 9000 entries in the 6 weeks the contest was running!  Thanks to everyone who entered and everyone who helped us to get the word out! 

As you recall there is one Grand Prize winner and three Second Place winners. 

Second Place Prize:     * Reef Check Hat     * "Guardians of the Reef" T-shirt     * "IndoPacific Underwater R...Read more

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