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Discover more artists | 認識更多藝術家 | 认识更多艺术家

alivenotdead.com is fast-approaching a new milestone: Our community will have 1000 official artists on-board. To celebrate this expansion, we've made it even easier to find and discover great artists. Check out the new artist page for these new features:

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FIXED: New entries / new albums|問題解決:新增博客/相冊|问题解决:新增博客/相册

This is a quick message from your friendly neighborhood alivenotdead.com engineering team:

Members posting new blog entries or photo albums began experiencing some inconsistent, but frequently occuring problems where the blog/photo album would be posted, but none of the content within the entry would appear. It took some time to track down the cause of the problem, but we believe we managed to find the problem and fix it. In the several hours where the problem occured, it's very likely tha...Read more

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Final Week for Reef Check Contest!|“拯救珊瑚礁”比賽進入最後一周! |“拯救珊瑚礁”比赛进入最后一周!

Hey Everyone,

Just a reminder - We are into the FINAL week of the Reef Check Contest!    Please invite your friends to join alivenotdead to participate!  You can win alivenotdead.com hats and shirts, and most importantly the grand prize is a trip to Los Angeles, courtesy of Zuji.com

The key is that you get an extra entry for every friend you invite to join alivenotdead.com,...Read more

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Reni's Toys and New Hats!|Reni的公仔和我們的新帽子!|Reni的公仔和我们的新帽子!

Hey everyone, a very busy admin bear here! 

First a big thanks to everyone for their support! As you know we've been growing very quickly these past few months and we appreciate everyone's support and help getting this far.  We're adding new features and more artists every week.  Stay tuned for some more surprises!

We also want to take this opportunity to make two announcements about new products available in the every growi...Read more

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Products and Events|最新商品和熱辣活動|最新商品和热辣活动

Alivenotdead.com is happy to serve as the EXCLUSIVE online retailer for the newest 24 Herbs shirts. Be sure to check out the special limited edition "24 Herbs Drips" t-shirts designed by legendary designer Eric Haze: 1. Black with Green

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Product Announcements!|商品發布!|商品发布!

Hey everyone!

Another busy week at the alivenotdead.com offices!  We have some more announcements related to our online store to share with everyone:

1) We're down to our last box of pink hats!  They're almost gone, so please order NOW if you haven't yet! 

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Kelly Hu and alivenotdead.com want to take you to Los Angeles!|Kelly Hu和Alivenotdead.com想帶你去洛杉磯!|胡凯莉(Kelly Hu)和Alivenotdead.com想带你去洛杉矶!|Kelly Hu とalivenotdead.comはあなたをLos Angelesの旅に招待します

Kelly Hu and alivenotdead.com want to take you on a Los Angeles vacation to help save the world's oceans and coral reefs.

Enter the contest now for free and you can win a full vacation package to jo...Read more

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Jin at AnD Office

We had a visitor in the alivenotdead.com office this afternoon -

Jin tha MC and some of the AnD crew posing w/ Admin Bear -

Jin's release of his album 'ABC' is dropping in Hong Kong on August 6th!  Check it out! PS - thanks to jjmandy, Read more

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100,000 registered users... | 10萬名註冊用戶… | 10万名注册用户…

Our small community of artists is no longer so small.

This week (July 1st to be exact), alivenotdead.com celebrated the passing of two major milestones: We signed up our 100,000th registered member AND the the first time we signed up 1,000+ new members in a single day...Read more

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New Products on AnD! | AnD新商品

Things have been quite busy here at the alivenotdead.com office in Hong Kong!  Apologies for the lack of updates!  We'd like to announce just a few of the new products we're now carrying in the alivenotdead.com online store:

1) 24 Herbs has new hats and shirts! Check out these 9 new embroidered trucker hats! One of our most popular product lines has just gotten bigger! Check out the new styles and colors!

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Hi, I am Admin Bear and this is the alivenotdead.com company blog. hi,我是小編熊仔,這是 alivenotdead.com 公司的博客

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