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Interns Wanted / Wild Day Out 2008! | 招募實習生 / 狂熱2008!

2008 has started off with a bang!  Yesterday was the 2008 Wild Day Out Music Festival in Hong Kong.  A big thanks to all the Alivenotdead.com volunteers who helped us pass out fliers yesterday! Including Caihao and his friends from Guangzhou who hit the fans lining up in the morning:

| 2008年已經熱烈開場!昨天是2008香港Wild Day Ou...Read more

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Hard rock and nakedness | 搖滾及裸露

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WARNING: Nakedness, jollity, and kick butt PUNK ROCK ahead!

[alive not dead], Diesel, and a whole slew of [alive not dead] artists and friends...Read more

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A new way to get to your profile | 你空間的新地址

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A note to those of you who want to let your friends and fans know about your [alive not dead] profile:

We've changed the URL address for profiles -- previously, most profiles had a question mark or, worse, an meaningless ID number after alivenotdead.com:

Example: http://www.alivenotdead.com/?percy...Read more

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Presenting the new, improved photo features | 介紹最新、改進的照片功能

[ 繁體中文]                 [ 简体中文] I'd like to introduce you to the new photo and photo album features on [alive not dead] which will vastly improve your experience here on the site. These features apply to all photos on your profile whether they are in the Read more

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Default entry privacy and some safety suggestions | 博客內容的私密性及幾條安全建議

We're rolling out a new feature which we hope will help improve privacy on [alive not dead]. In your Member Settings page there is now an option to change the default privacy setting for your new blog entries and photo albums. By default, "Entries by default viewable by" is set to "Members only" which means that only registered members of [alive not dead] shou...Read more

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Keeping in touch with "notifications" | 時刻追蹤"最新事件"

It may seem that the Admin Bear has been hibernating for the past couple of weeks -- in fact, he took quite a rest when the rest of the [alive not dead] team traveled to Hawaii for the Hawaii Film Festival. In reality, though, the Bear has been working hard to launch new features on the web site that we want to introduce to you over the n...Read more

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All about [alive not dead]|關於[alive not dead]的一切|关于[alive not dead]的一切

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We're celebrating the new [alive not dead] half-year anniversary today! Since we've launched on April 13, 2007, our community has grown to encompass 132 featured artists and 38,000 members. As a we continue to grow, we want to firmly define what sets [alive ...Read more

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Get the word out on your favorite artists! | 推廣你最愛的藝術家! | 推广你最爱的艺术家!

[ 繁體中文]        [ 简体中文] [alive not dead] is proud to host the official fan networks for our Read more

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Expand your tastes: Your friends favorite artists | 擴展體驗:你好友最愛的藝術家 | 扩展体验:你好友最爱的艺术家

[ 繁體中文]      [ 简体中文] [alive not dead] is about connecting with your favorite artists and learning about new, emerging artists. We've recently launched a new feature that will help you learn WHO your friends' favorite artists are -- maybe they've discovered a hot new talent that you don't already know about! Check out Read more

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Send birthday wishes to your favorite artists and friends | 發送生日祝福給喜愛的藝術家及好友 | 发送生日祝福给喜爱的艺术家及好友

[ 繁體中文]      [ 简体中文] Never miss another birthday for your favorite [alive not dead] artists or friends! With the new "birthday reminder" feature, you'll be updated whenever there's an upcoming birthday for your friends or anyone who you're a fan of. First, the updates will appear in your User Panel:

<...Read more

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