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My Lululemon's are feeling more like Spanx right now, ugh. #AteTooMuchAgain 😔

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I'm heartbroken to announce the passing of my high school friend, Ronald Castagnetti. Ronnie was… https://t.co/THk2wc0iUL

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I'll be heading out to Shreveport for geekdcon this weekend. Who's coming? https://t.co/1I9BXexuv4

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RT @GeekdCon: The voice of Stacy from #PhineasandFerb #KellyHu is coming to #Shreveport for #geekdcon #ComicCon #Louisiana #Bossier #EastTe…

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RT @GeekdCon: Can't wait to see @KellyHu come to #GeekdCon https://t.co/tnpi8i3gZl

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Heading to Shreveport for @GeekdCon this weeked. Who's coming?

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No offense taken. I know sometimes it's hard to get your point across in 144. I do it, too. Thanks for the complim… https://t.co/kjwfJz2hR5

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I was only 16 in 1985 so that would make me even older than I am now, but I'm just gonna choose to assume you meant… https://t.co/1IXJ9EXFVH

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I love when kids are into vinyls. So cool that you did that for her. https://t.co/QyWIbsUz0o

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Wow. That's so sad for everyone involved. Sometimes life can takes such crazy turns in an instant. https://t.co/nlIgpWMaKX

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