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Greetings from Hong Kong at 1:30AM. 👀

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These two photos are from a shoot I did back in 2015 for a GQ article about how I took a dive into the world of stand up comedy. It’ll be a challenge just to get you to read this caption let alone the article, so I’ll give an abridged version of the story.. Basically, 2015 was a rough time for me on the career side of things. I was back in NY at the time and fully enjoying the blessings of family life on a healthy, daily basis. Yet, I was in a complete state of disarray as it pertained to my career and artistic future. I had put more effort and passion into a music pr...Read more

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Good morning and happy Friday! https://t.co/rP0bxtQDjh

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@DAPHYA @kanyewest https://t.co/Xps6IS4D4O

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@taejineat watching?

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What you doing? https://t.co/NvJDfp5qAY

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The short version of the story is around 2015 I started the comedy journey.. Appreciate the kind words. Still a lon… https://t.co/exaqQS95ZI

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Moral of the story.. If you know who MC Jin is, you’re pretty much Chinese by default.👲 #AsianFamous

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