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My Dearest Fans, You Guys are the Best!|莫迷們, 你們是最好的!|莫迷们, 你们是最好的!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Looking at your creative work, I have to say it’s truly amazing.

In fact, every piece of work was outstanding and having to choose one winner was so difficult!

My dearest fans, you guys are the best!

Unfortunately, there was only one prize to be won so I could only choose one winner!

And the prize goes to, AP1010.

Today is Valentine’s Day; if you still haven’t bought a Valentine’s Day gift yet, you should quickly go and bu...Read more

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KAREN MOK The Fragrance has landed in Singapore and Malaysia!|KAREN MOK The Fragrance已經登陸星馬了!|KAREN MOK The Fragrance已经登陆星马了!

Following the good market response to the launch of KAREN MOK The Fragrance in Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan, the world's first Asian celebrity brand name perfume has already landed in Singapore and Malaysia! Friends who want to buy Karen&...Read more

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Valentine’s Day Competition|情人節遊戲|情人节游戏

Last time I mentioned that I would have more games and competitions to play, has everyone been looking forward to it then? It’s nearly Valentine’s Day so of course we have to play a game that has something to do with ! You can even go wild and use love to express your creative minds without limitations!

Rules of the game: Using excerpts from any piece of work associated to me, combine the various passages and write me a little love letter.

For example, the content of the letter can include any of ...Read more

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Change for Good|零錢佈施|零钱佈施

After Chinese New Year, the first job is to do charity work. Yesterday I attended the UNICEF "Change for Good" event. I have already collaborated with this organization for many years. Whenever I take a plane to fly to other places, I will always see advertisements on the plane, and also feel it is very meaningful, therefore I really want to offer my support. Next time everyone goes travelling you can also be like me, no matter which country you are in you can donate your spare change. UNICEF will then send the money raise...Read more

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Answer to the Lantern Riddle|燈謎答案|灯谜答桉

Are you all anxious to find out the answer? I saw that someone guessed it right.

The riddle was:「」(guess the name of a country)

And the answer is: (Belgium)

The reason for this answer is because during Chinese New Year when people greet each other with well wishes, Cantonese people would always say: (wishing you a prosperous New Year), followed by the words: (give me the red packet).

, which is the Chinese name for Belgium, also has the same tonal meaning of giving the red packet.Read more

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United Nations Children's Fund "Change for Good" Event|聯合國兒童基金會「零錢佈施」活動|联合国儿童基金会「零钱佈施」活动

UNICEF "Change for Good" 2009 onboard (airplane) fundraising event

Date: 10 Feb, 2009

Time: 3 p.m.

Address: G/F, Block D, Festival Walk, Kowloon Tong

Guest: UNICEF Ambassador Ms Karen Mok

On this day Karen will be personally attending this appeal for everyone to support this "Change for Good" campaign, to help children in developing countries. | 聯合國兒童基金會「零錢佈施」機上籌募活動2009

日期:2009年2...Read more

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Chinese Lantern Festival|元宵佳節|元宵佳节

Today is Chinese Lantern Festival which is just like a Chinese Valentines day. It doesn’t matter if you’ve already found a special someone or if you’re still looking for your other half, I hope that everyone celebrates this day feeling sweet and happy.

Completing the lantern riddle is a traditional Chinese game played during the festival. I just heard a very interesting lantern riddle; how about I share it with you as well!

I’ll ask Billy to help me ask the question!

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Karen Mok Fan Mail|莫迷郵箱|莫迷邮箱

Because Karen knows there are a lot of fans who wish to send letters or gifts to her, so she set up a mail box especially for her fans, providing a bridge for those who love Karen to communicate with her. This mail box is specially for Karen and her fans. Please be assured that your regards will definitely be received by her.

Address: P.O. Box 47275, Morrison Hill Post Office, Hong Kong

(香港摩利臣山郵政局郵政信箱 47275號) | 由於karen知道很多粉絲都想寄信件或禮物給她, 所以特別成立了一個莫迷郵箱, 讓愛錫karen的你有一個與她交流的橋樑. 這個郵箱是莫迷與karen專有的, 保證你們的心意, 她一定可以收到.

...Read more
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The Twelfth Day of the New Year | 初十二| 初十二

Today I’m going to give you the last of my New Year photos. I hope everybody has tremendous luck in the year of the Ox.

  | 今天為大家送上最後一張照片. 希望大家牛年行大運.

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Eleventh Day of the New Year | 初十一 | 初十一

In a blink of the eye, it is the eleventh day of Chinese New Year. Has everyone received many red packets?

There are only two more zodiac photos left to share with everyone. I hope everyone really likes this present I specially made for everyone for this year of the Ox!

Horoscope readings are only for everyon...Read more

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