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If I had my swords, I would have! Terrible officiating but it's all good. We won! https://t.co/AlWkecY9Lv

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What does that hat say? Champions! That was a great game and my first experience at watching championship live! So blessed! Congrats to KD for the MVP! Congrats to the Warriors and the entire Bay Area! #bayarealove #dubs #dubnation #warriors #warriorsground #nba #nbafinals

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Made it to Game 5 of the #nbafinals with the wifey @thelisa_s The atmosphere in here gonna be 🔥🔥🔥! #warriorsground #goldenstatewarriors #dubs #dubnation #allgoldeverything #bringingithomebaby

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Check out the new Geostorm trailer if you haven't already. https://t.co/tYz1er2ipe via @youtube

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Ok. Ow at the dermatologists office in Hong Kong. OMFG what a crazy game! Come in #dubs ! #nbaplayoffs #nba #warriors #dubnation #goldenstatewarriors

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So glad this plane is a bit delayed at least I got to watch the first half of #game2 of the #NBAfinals . Let's go get it #Dubs !!! #dubnation #goldenstatewarriors #GSW #strengthinnumbers #nba

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Wanted to do something different with my Ford Focus RS but didn't want to void any warranties so I had my buddy @rw_platinum at #platinummotorsport powder coat the stock wheels this nice bronze/copper color. Nice subtle contrast to the stealth gray paint. I'll be hitting a few track days this summer in this. Thanks Rob!! #focusRS #trackdaycar

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RT @BarackObama: On this National Gun Violence Awareness Day, let your voice be heard and show your commitment to reducing gun violence. ht…

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RT @kenneth2bryant: @danielwuyanzu Yeah! I don't think we are going to have to call Sunny to take out Lebron this year! I think the Durant…

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No I quit playing years ago but @AramisKnight88 is 🔥 https://t.co/kmtFR3uVQ4

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July 27, 2005