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Thank you. #snubbed #emmys @TheEmmys https://t.co/2ccMK5dS3c

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This isn’t for me. It’s for our amazing stunt team and cast who literally put their lives on the line to make great… https://t.co/B2iGhua5bH

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We have an amazing, hardworking DIVERSE stunt team AND cast that work their asses of daily to create great action.… https://t.co/mBu6L62oG8

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RT @lortus: @danielwuyanzu I know by searching for it in the web, I've had a hard time finding much current news or buzz about the show...…

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Most likely not. Usually they way voting works is you vote for the shows you have heard of because you don’t have t… https://t.co/dAdoKiphkB

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RT @agentsofgeekpod: 3 out of the 5 nominations over #IntotheBadlands for stunt coordination is bullshit and we all know it #Emmys

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It represents the change everyone is saying they want to see in Hollywood but we are getting zero recognition or it. https://t.co/eXKQC2LPv4

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Thank you. At least the people who really know recognize the blood, sweat and tears we shed to bring the best actio… https://t.co/g2m6lh7cTn

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RT @mo_chard: @danielwuyanzu https://t.co/Z0bavZCv6a

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This is becoming obvious to me now. #snubbed https://t.co/M0gAYj9OrE

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