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Oh the lovely sounds! Check out the video and interview that the boys at dpan_gt did for #thetantō ! Great work @gadisaur! #datsun #datsun510 #ogdatsun #datsunlife #troyermish #baydm @b.a.y.d.m

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RT thanks Cung! https://t.co/Hpa8y8yrdr

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Here’s an extra special sneak peak of #intothebadlands #season3. What are @babouceesay @lorrainetoussaint doing in the Badlands? Are they good or are they bad? What are they doing here and what do they want? Watch season 3 in 2018! #amc #sneakpeak #newcastmembers

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Here’s some more images from #intothebadlands #season3! What uniform is Tilda wearing? Will the Widow finally overcome Baron Chau? #amc #sneakpeak #dublin #ireland☘️

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RT @budomate: IT'S TIME! Vote for the best action hero, heroine and villain 2017 - https://t.co/dZsgSTKerI https://t.co/XAd6vPS814

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Here’s proof I drove it! Thanks @dustinborgphotography for the nice shot!

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Here’s proof I drove it! Thanks dustinborgphotography for the nice shot! https://t.co/Nxy2pwtA5e

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Finally got to drive #thetantō! It’s still at Troy Ermish’s shop as there are some final details that need to be finished but it drove like a dream! The L series motor definitely feels close to the 235hp Rebello Racing day it will get up to. Can’t wait to dyno it! Also met up with the boys from @dpan_gt to do a photo shoot and interview about the build. Thanks to @dustinborgphotography for the nice pics! Can’t wait to see the video you guys will make! #TheTantō #datsun510 #datsun #dime #jdm #BayDM #sema2017 #sematopten #restomod #troyermish #ogdatsun #datsunlife

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Here we go y’all! Sneak peek into #season3 of #intothebadlands! How is Sunny going to handle being a single Dad in the Badlands? Why is he running with a crossbow in a Butterfly regents outfit? More to come in the following days! #sneakpeak #amc

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Back in California for the holidays. First order of business: register #thetantō . How long have I been waiting at DMV? 1.5 hours and counting. Oh the joys of dealing with the #DMV

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