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Here we go! On a plane and heading to Vegas for #sema2017! So excited to see the car for the first time!

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I am at that age where the people who were around to shape my life when I was young are starting to go. Willie Chan was my manager for 11 years and helped make me a star in Asia. But more importantly he was the one who took a young stuntman and turned him into the global phenomenon known as Jackie Chan. Your energy and zest for life and your contributions to the Hong Kong film industry will be missed. Rest In Peace Boss! Love you always!

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@JLin7 I feel for you brother! Stay strong get well soon!

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Hey Hong Kong! Geostorm is out in theaters now! Check it out!

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TheTantō update. #sema2017 is just around the corner and things are looking good! I am really happy with the way the bronze highlights contrasts with the grey body color. The yellow euro lights looks amazing! So excited! #TheTantō #datsun510 #datsun #dime #jdm #BayDM #sema2017 #semabound #restomod #troyermish #ogdatsun

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Ok so I meant to film the entire rollercoaster ride but it got so shaken I thought I was going to drop the phone. So 15 seconds is all you get. #taytopark #dublin #ireland☘️ #toooldtoride

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Thanks to the guys at @globalcollectibles for sending me this hat representing Hong Kong. I’ll wear it whenever I am missing Hong Kong while here in Ireland for the next 6 months.

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Thanks to the guys at globalcollectibles for sending me this hat representing Hong Kong. I’ll… https://t.co/MxuPWVglF4

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Relieved to hear my friends and family in Las Vegas are safe. Thoughts and prayers go out everyone affected by this tragedy. #prayforvegas #lasvegas

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Happy Autumn Moon Festival!! #intothebadlands #season3 #dublin #ireland🍀

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