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Check out my boy Stephen Fung @fungblackandwhite directing legend Jean Reno in his upcoming film The Adventurers out 8.12.2017 in China! We started out together as actors and look at him now!

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Here's your chance people!!! Hundreds of extras wanted for hit US show Into the Badlands filming in Ireland https://t.co/KpdE8FUn67

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Rainbows here in China!

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Rainbows here in China! @ Weichang https://t.co/1nWo0g1mC4

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Here's the man who started it all. Director Yonfan cast me as the lead in my first movie Bishonen with no acting experience and very shoddy Cantonese all based on a hunch that I could do it. I was literally just a kid out of architecture school trying to figure out what I was going to do next. I actually turned him down because I thought he was crazy to pick a kid off the street and make him the lead of a film. Almost exactly 20 years and some 70 movies later, he still remains a supportive figure in my life and career. Literally if it wasn't for him I wouldn&#...Read more

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I think I've seen this color on a vinyl wrapped Lamborghini before. #beetlejuice

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Because some of you are asking and are being catfished.

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TheTantō update. Look at all that restored and beautifully shiny metal trim! Many thanks to @profinemetalfinishes for doing an amazing job!!! #TheTantō #datsun510 #datsun #dime #jdm #BayDM #sema2017 #semabound #restomod #troyermish #ogdatsun

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Except for the fact that I am middle aged (check out the lone white hair), I feel like I am in highschool again sitting at the back of the bus.

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Saw an old friend Xia Yi and his wife Hu Ke today. The last time I saw him were were bachelors. Now were both married with kids. #howtimeflies

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