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Hong Kong.

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Since I am in China, I’ve decided to make a series of Cars of China posts, showcasing models of cars you will probably not see outside the mainland. Here is the first and it’s from the movie I am working on now. The movie takes place in the 80’s and 90’s so we needed to find vehicles appropriate to the era and there is nothing more iconic than the “Bread Car”! Named because it resembles a loaf of bread, this used to be the pretty only thing you would see on the streets at that time. Often used as yellow taxis, this is police version. I think models and makes varied bu...Read more

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If you are in Hong Kong and you like art, design and architecture make sure you don’t miss out on #ESKYIUPLAYKITS A TRANSFORMABLE INTERACTIVE EXHIBITION CELEBRATING 10+ YEARS OF ESKYIU at #ARTISTREE starting this weekend! 1/F CAMBRIDGE HOUSE TAIKOO PLACE, QUARRY BAY (ENTER FROM DEVON HOUSE) http://eskyiu.com/playkits more details and inquiries on the programmes and events from Nov 17 to 28th.

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I clearly remember the day this album dropped 25 years ago. Combining Kung Fu with Hip Hop literally blew my mind. I was standing in my college dorm room staring at the boom box absolutely speechless. New music doesn’t do that to me anymore. Congrats to my brother @RZA and the rest of the clan. Absolute legends in the game! #wutangclanforever #wutangclanaintnothingtofuckwith

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My bro @ferraricollector_davidlee said he turned down the Brad Pitt version of the @breitling poster for mine at his shops. Now he has to look at my ugly mug everyday at work. If you are looking to buy one of the new #navimeter8 watches and you live in the LA are, head on down to @hingwaleejewelers . I am sure David will give you a nice price! And if you want to check out some damn nice #Ferraris, slide over to his IG. He’s got more followers than me! Thanks for the support bro!

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After more than 6 months off, it’s nice to be back to work again! #makingamovie #hongkong #china #hongkongfilm #chinesefilm

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Here’s an answer to the housing crisis. No shoes inside please.

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Got a nice bday present care package from @RJ_devera @meguiars yesterday! I hate washing my cars but I also hate it when they are dirty. This stuff makes the job a lot easier AND you get an incredible shine!

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First workout of my 44th year! As I get older I have to work harder and smarter to gain and maintain. #training #descente #descentemover #muaythai #martialarts #martialarts #kungfu #kickass #kickingass #stunts #training #action #actiontime #conditioning #kickboxing #boxing #fightingfit

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