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Took the #gt3touring to the EASY meet in Emeryville this morning. Not only were there two other #gt3touring there but a nice selection of air cooled #outlaw goodness! #porsche #911 #gt3 #porscheoutlaw #EASY

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I’ve always wanted a tour bus! Want to give a special shout out to the boys at @impressivewrap SF and @stancelab for the incredible clear wrap on my new baby! Now I can hit the track and canyons in full confidence that those pesky little pebbles won’t be singing up my grill and hood. #porsche #gt3touring #carminered

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I woke up this morning to find out legendary Hong Kong director Ringo Lam has passed. We worked on my last and what would be Director Lam’s last Hong Kong film Sky on Fire together. Director of such classics as City on Fire, Prison on Fire and Full Alert, Ringo was part of Hong Kong’s New Wave movement from the late 80’s to early 90’s that put Hong Kong cinema on the map. A true maestro of film you will be dearly missed. Rest In Peace sir! We will carry on your legacy!

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You can see my angry evil eye that it was a tough loss tonight against Portland but great game nonetheless! We’ll get ‘em next time! Let's go Dubs! Make sure to vote the @warriors players for this year's NBA All-Star game at NBA.com/Vote

2019NBA全明星投票# 勇士加油!让我们一起为勇士球员投票吧:China.NBA.com/vote

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Let’s go Dubs! #goldenstatewarriors #dubnation #warriorsground #nba #nbachamps

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Coming soon! If you like vintage whiskies and you live in Hong Kong The ThirtySix is the place to go. Opening soon! #TheThirtySix #whiskybar #whisky

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And that’s a wrap for me on this film! Amazing two months, a really crazy and fun character to play. It’s gonna take a little while to get him out of my body but going home for Xmas will hopefully make that easier. Thanks to my director Lao Ho Leung for giving me the opportunity to do something different! Good luck with the rest of the shoot!

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And that’s a wrap for me on this film! Amazing two months, a really crazy and fun character to play. It’s gonna tak… https://t.co/URQinnVOmH

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Filming our final fight scene for Crime Solved In Time here today. No martial arts just a hardcore bathroom brawl. #movie #movies #makingmovies #video #film #films #videos #actor #cinema #hongkongmovie

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If you hook up your clothing steamer to your computer, you can 3D scan your head! Just kidding. Don’t be a dumbass and burn your face off.

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