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alivenotdead diesel party! | Alivenotdead Diesel派對! | Alivenotdead Diesel 派对!

No pics this time but I just wanted to say the alivenotdead "Respect" party was so awesome! Thanks to all of you who showed up and gave support! Wing Shya's photo exhibit was incredible. 10 years of snap shots, over 300 photos up on the wall was an incredible site. The show is still on till the end of the month so don't forget to check it out!

At the party, 24 Herbs never cease to amaze me, they are getting better and better every time and definitely had f...Read more

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Back in NYC! | 回到紐約! | 回到纽约!

I've finally made it back to NYC! After leaving on such a sour note with the broken leg in July, I'm stoked to be walking around New York again. This time I'm here to attend the Chivas Regal party which will be held on Friday at the NY Public Library.


"Welcome to NY! " says Splinter the rat. (bottom right corner)

First thing off the plane and after checki...Read more

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Around the World in 13 Days | 13天環遊地球 | 13天环游地球

Been gone on a whirlwind around the globe experience thus the lack of blog time. From HK I flew to Venice for the film festival then to Toronto for their film festival then to La for the Imprint Conference, then up to SF to say hi to my parents then back to HK. Literally around the world in 13days. This is the second time this year I've flown around the world. First...Read more

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Triple Wu | 三吳 |三吳

Last week I had dinner with my "big brother" Wu Jing and our coach Wu Bin. When I trained wushu with the Beijing Wushu Team back in '94 Wu Jing took care of me and Wu Bin just kicked our asses! I was known as Xiao(little) Wu, Wu Jing was Da(big) Wu and Wu Bin was Lao(old) Wu. If you don't know, Wu Bin has also taught Jet Li as well as countless other "greats" as well as responsible for spreading wushu all over the globe.  It was also good to see that at 71, he is still looking great. I was also happy to see my ...Read more

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Shameless Plug | 廣告 | 广告

Since I just came back from Beijing and Shenzhen promoting Blood Brothers, I might as well drop a plug on you all. So here it is...Blood Brothers in theater's soon! Wednesday we're heading to Taipei, then back to HK for the premiere on the 21st. It was nice to see the whole cast again after all this time. Although it was a tough shoot for many reasons, we bonded well as actors and had a great time.Here are some photos that you won't see in any promotional material...cause I took 'em! Enjoy.

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The Assassination of Our Past. | 謀殺過往 |谋杀过往

As the last of the protestors were dragged away by police from Queen’s Pier Tuesday night, I could not help but feel emotions of sorrow, to anger, to helplessness. Hong Kong is losing its heritage, its history and its sense of self. We are stuck with a government that believes economics can solve everything but they are sorely wrong.

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The Cure | The Cure |The Cure

Went to The Cure show here in Hong Kong last night and what an impressive show it was! I went in thinking it was going to be a fat and old Robert Smith playing a couple classics then mostly a bunch of newer stuff that no one really knew for 45 minutes. To my surprise, however, their set lasted almost three hours and was chocked full of the old school goodies! And although he is old and fat now, his voice sounds as good and strong as ever.

I hobbled in on my crutches to the standing room floor area of the Asian Expo Arena...Read more

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R.I.P. Edward Yang | 安息,楊德昌 | 安息,杨德昌

I went to the Hong Kong memorial service of Edward Yang yesterday. I didn't know him too well but the few times I got to spend with him were always inspiring to me. Although considered one of Taiwan's great filmmakers, winning Best Director in Cannes, he is also probably one of the most underrated and least known in the international film community.

Always kind, warm and generou...Read more

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Holy Crap pt. 2!!! | 難以置信!!! |难以置信!!!

Video: http://http://www.youtube.com/v/hMnk7lh9M3o

My friend from New York, Aaron sent this to me. It is so hilarious! It's about 1500 prisoners in the Phillipines doing the Michael Jackson Thriller dance. For you young kinds out there, look up the original video. So many questions...why? how? what for?I can't believe they organized so many people to do this. The girl is super funny and the Micael Jackson guy looks like Yao Ming....Read more

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Blood Brothers | 天堂口 | 天堂口

The fancy website is up for Blood Brothers. You can check it out here.

|影片《天堂口》的迷人網站開通了,到 這裏看片花。|Read more

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Hong Kong, Hong Kong
July 27, 2005