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Gong Xi Fa Cai!!! | 恭喜發財!!! | 恭喜发财!!!

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ifyly1pLQYkHope the Rat year is filled with lots of cheese for you. Spent the Chinese New Year in Beijing hanging out with Cousin Martin and some old friends. On New Year's eve, we went out to a friends house in the out skirts of Beijing, very close to where I shot The Banquet. We went out on the frozen river to shoot off fireworks. I didn't know you could buy fireworks this big. It was insane. Sinc...Read more

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ShenZhen Special #1 | 深圳盜版第一 | 深圳盜版第一

ShenZhen Special is the term I use for things that I see out there that rip off the original. ShenZhen being that booming city across the border where you can get fake anything. From Nike Pigeon Dunks to some blingass Rolexes, LV basketballs and toilet paper holders, you name it they got it. Above is the famous Wiggle chair by one of my f...Read more

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JC Photobook: A Special Offer to My Fans| JC攝影輯:對我粉絲的特別呈獻 |JC摄影辑:对我粉丝的特别呈献 |JC Photobook: A Special Offer to My Fans

JC was a good friend and collaborator. We worked together countless of times for various magazine covers, editorials and adverts. He was one of my favorite photographers because he was quick, efficient and good. A talented photographer with no ego and a really nice guy at that, he succumbed to stomach cancer ...Read more

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Project After Dark | 香港不明飛行物紀錄 |香港不明飛行物紀錄

This is my boy, Prodip's passion project and first film. Directed by our good friend John who also helped direct our performance at the Hong Kong Film Awards last year, this film tells you everything you want to know about the UFO phenomena. Prodip's an expert so you better get your hand on this dvd soon! I think some dvd's come with this awesome alien figure designed by Prodip ...Read more

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Beefy X-mas!! | 吃牛肉,過聖誕!! |吃牛肉,過聖誕!!

Merry Xmas to everybody! Sorry a bit late but I had a lot on my plate the past few days as you can see below. I pretty much worked through X-mas working until 2am on the 24th and started work at 6am on the 26th. We did have a X-mas dinner with cast and crew on the 25th and I finally got to have my Kobe beef! It was delicious, however I would not suggest anyone to eat an entire Kobe beef steak. It's a bit on the rich side and is probably the same as drinking a glass of oil. I wasn't feeling too good afterwards and ...Read more

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Where's the beef? | 牛肉在哪兒?|牛肉在哪儿?

Kobe, Japan home of the sake fed beef. I reckon if I was gonna be a beef cow and be slaughtered anyway, a Wagyu Kobe cow would be the best. You get to eat great food, drink sake, get massages and basically live the good life before getting whacked. Been here for two days but haven't eaten it yet. I'm building up for a...Read more

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Thanks Tokyo, the sushi was great! | 感謝東京,壽司真可口! | 感谢东京,寿司真可口!

We are out of Tokyo and now in Kobe. What a difference! Big props to Tokyo for your hospitality. Here are some final images...


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Draught Funk | Draught Funk | Draught Funk

Went to the Draft Punk concert in Mese on Sunday. I'm not a huge fan of their music but a friend had extra tickets last minute so Antonio and I decided to go. I'm glad we went. The show was insane! Probably one of the most high-energy things I've seen in a long time. When we walked towards the arena, Daft Punk...Read more

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More Tokyo Randomness | 東京隨拍 |東京隨拍

Self portrait. I always finding myself playing with the old slow shutter speed trick. I'm always surprised by what I get and it makes me feel like an artist for a split second. I guess I'm easily amused.

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Muzak!!! | 音樂!!! |音乐!!!

I haven't phyiscally purchased music in a long long time. Ever since I got my itunes account, I sort of thought buying cd's was pointless. Specially since once they are on my computer and ipod(s) I never touch them again. Plus finding a place to store them is a pain in the ass too. I already have enough trouble with my crazy dvd c...Read more

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