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Daniel's 1st blog entry 31/7/2005 | 吳彥祖私人空間

Hi everyone! I have been on vacation in South Africa for the past few weeks. The past year has been really busy and tiring for me so I decided to take some time off.

South Africa has been amazing! I went on safari for 3 days in Kruger National park and saw all kinds of wild animals. I even saw a pride of 8 lions catch and kill a deer. It was very difficult to watch, almos...Read more

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Life is a Struggle (taken from the Official Daniel Wu Fan Newsletter)

Hello everybody!

Yes, long time no write. It has been an extremely busy and exciting past few months for me. I have been working very hard but have also managed to get some time to relax as well. I was able to take a break and go to Japan and do one of my favorite sports, snowboarding! I have snowboarded since I was sixteen years old and have tried to go at least once a year, even while living in Hong Kong. Unfortunately, I was not able to go last year because of my knee injury but...Read more

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What going to the movies mean to me. (frm the Official Daniel Wu Fan Newsletter)

Hi everybody!

So happy to have received so many of your mails in the past few months! I noticed that some of you have just only recently begun to follow my movies. That's great! Welcome and I hope that I continue getting all the great support that everyone has been giving me.

I also want to thank everyone for congratulating me on my second Golden Horse nomination! I was so happy to see that I have been recognized for my work in New Police Story. Let's see...Read more

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AUGUST 2004 (taken from the Official Daniel Wu Fan Newsletter)

Hi Everyone,

Yes...again long time no write! As you can guess I have been extremely busy working on several things. I have been in China, Taiwan and Hong Kong doing several TV commercials, which I am sure some of you have seen by now. I am currently working on the movie "Divergence" or "Saam Tsa Hau", directed by one of my favorite directors Benny Chan. Next I will be working with Pang Ho Cheung on an independent movie and then I will be working with Stephen Fung on hi...Read more

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I am OK! (taken from the Official Daniel Wu Fan Newsletter)

Hello everyone!

Long time no write! I have had a very busy past few months. I have done three movies since the last time I wrote to you all. I have finished "New Police Story", "Enter the Phoenix" and "One Night in Mongkok".

Last week I finally had time to have my knee operation. The operation went well although it lasted over two and a half hours! I am now at home resting and recovering. My physiotherapist is working really hard with me to get me back u...Read more

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Message from Daniel-November. (taken from the Official Daniel Wu Fan Newsletter)

Hello everyone!

I hope you are all doing well. As you can probably guess I have been very busy working on several projects, so I have had little time to keep you all updated.

I am currently working on Jackie Chan's "New Police story" and "Enter the Phoenix", directed by my good friend Steven Fung. Both projects have been very fun and interesting, but it has been so difficult working on two movies at once! I have not done this since I did &...Read more

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Warning! (taken from the Official Daniel Wu Fan Newsletter)


Someone has hacked into my account again. Please remember I DO NOT send attachments from this newsletter. So if you see a letter from this account that has an attachment, please delete it immediately or you run the risk of getting a virus. Sorry for an trouble this has caused.



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Thanks Everyone! (taken from the Official Daniel Wu Fan Newsletter)

Hello Everybody!

I'm just want to write and thank all of you for supporting Love Undercover 2. We made good box office records because of your attendance. For those of you who missed it, I think the VCD and DVD just came out. Because of it's sucess I think Love Undercover 3 may be on the way!

Also I want to thank those of you who went to or are going to see Night Corridor. As most of you know this was my first movie as a producer. I must warn some of you that this is ...Read more

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Summer is Here! (taken from the Official Daniel Wu Fan Newsletter)

Hello eveybody!

I Hope you are all doing well. Thank you for all the e-mails and letters you have sent me over the past few months. I am so amazed how far some of you are away from here! I have reveived mail from Phillipines, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, China and the USA. I remember when I first started e-mailing everyone it was only to Hong Kong and Taiwan. Thanks again for all your support!

I just returned to Hong Kong after spending one month in the States. I...Read more

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About Virus!!!! (taken from the Official Daniel Wu Fan Newsletter)

Hello everyone,

It seems like a very stupid person has hacked into my newsletter account and sent you all a virus! If you have not already done so, please delete the previous e-mail entitled "UPDATE" Also just for your safety in the future, I will not send e-mails with attachements to you. So if you see an attachment coming from the newletter, throw it away!

I apologize if this has caused any problems for anybody.

Thank you,

Daniel Wu

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July 27, 2005