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Joise Ho, HardSoft, THK dvd. | 何超儀、軟硬、”四大天王”DVD…

Hey Guys,

Just came back from the HardSoft, Eric Kot and Jan Lamb show. They put on a very cool show. Entertaining and funny this was probably my favortie HK concert this year! Check it out if you have time (and money) you won't be let down. Just a few days ago we performed at Josie Ho's debut solo concert over in Kowloon Bay. Josie put on a rocking good show with guest performances by Paul Wong, Jun Kung, Hardpack, Ryan Hui and us. It was fun performing the rock version of our song A-Dong. Tha...Read more

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It's too damn hot!!! | 真是熱斃了!!!!

Man!!! It has been really really hot here in HK the past couple of weeks. I have started work on "the Protege" and it's been tough because of the heat. I've forgotten how uncomfortable it can be to film during the summer in Hong Kong. It's fine if you're only in it for a couple hours a day but we have been spending at least 9 hours a day outside. Hopefully it will cool down some. It's strange because it feels hotter than it's ever felt in Hong Kong and I wonder if global warming has anyth...Read more

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Hello from the USA! | 來自美國的「哈囉」

Hi Everyone,

I decided to blog eventhough I'm on vacation because I noticed the boys have been negelecting you all. Just arrived Stateside after a really exciting trip to Cannes. We all had a really good time there. Especially me because it was my first time there. I got a lot of sun, food and movies. Some of my favorite Hollywood actors, Samuel Jackson, Willem Dafoe and Tim Roth showed up at our party for "The Banquet". It was nice to see some international support for our film or maybe they were just th...Read more

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Don't buy The Heavenly Kings DVD...yet

Hey everyone,

It's been a while, I know, we've all been getting back to life after THK.

It has come to our attention that The Heavenly Kings DVD has been released through China, obviously pirated. Whatever you do don't buy it!!! The original will be realeased in about a month, along with a very special, limited edition director's cut DVD. I heard that the China version has been re-edited so it is basically not the same movie. So whatever you do DON'T BUY IT!!! Anything you see on ...Read more

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Keep Supporting the film | 支持我們的電影

Wew! The AlIVE boys spent the weekend going round to all the major theaters to have meet and greet sessions with the audiences. We met a lot of people who were going to see the film. Thanks to the ALIVE fans who follwed us on our tour and gave us a helping hand to keep the crowds from crushing us!

Just wanted to say thanks to everyone for coming out to see the film this weekend. Your support has allowed us to be the number one local film at the box office!!! And we are the second film overall. So from the eintire Al...Read more

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Outrage | 太過份了

Yesterday morning I was rudely awakened by a phone call from my management telling me that a certain "trash" magazine had released photos taken of me inside my apartment. When I finally saw them, I was shocked and horrified to find that these paparazzi had been staked-out outside my house for several days and monitoring my every move. They chose to print the most distasteful selection of photos of my girlfriend and I and of course accompanied it with extremely low class writing to go with. I was especially appalled by what they wrote...Read more

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Woah, Woah, Woah!!! | 嗬嗬嗬!!!

What is going on here? Why is this happening?

Terence: I don't understand why you are airing your concerns out here on the site instead of talking it out with me. I thought we were best friends? If you guys had concerns you could have just said so. I just wanted to surprise you all. I am working on a surprise project here and the reason why I didn't fill you in on the details yet is because I'm not finished with it. This project was supposed to be a secret and now everyone knows about it.

Thanks Buddy....Read more

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Cooking help... | 教我煮…

Cooking help…

I love to cook and have been cooking for over 10 years. (When you're a poor college student, eating out is not an option.) Anyway, not to brag but I'm actually quite a good cook. I akin my style to Jamie Oliver, in fact he has greatly influenced the way I cook. He's got awesome cooking style. When I do get to catch him on tv I'm always making mental notes.

After all these years of cooking though, I've always had a problem and I was wondering if anyone out there has any suggestions:

...Read more
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What's up? | 怎麼啦﹖

I'm back in HK, reunited with the boys! I must say I was reluctant to leave Beijing because I had such a good time working on that project but it's really good to be back. The rest of the boys are all ALIVE and well. Played poker with Conroy and friends and nearly lost my shirt!!! Never was really good at cards. I guess we'll try and play more over the CNY so I get win my money back. Tomorrow ALIVE will be presenting an award at the RTHK music awards show. Too bad we aren't getting one but I guess that means we've go...Read more

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New Photos!

Hey Guys! Just got to Beijing from a couple weeks filming in Anji near Hangzhou. I have finally figured out how to upload photos to the site so let's see if it works!

嗨老友!  我剛從靠近杭州的安吉拍了幾個禮拜戲回北京。我總算學會了怎麼把照片上載,看看行不行得通!  

This is me preparing for a fight scene. This scene took us seven days to shoot. Very tiring but very fun!



Read more

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Hong Kong, Hong Kong
July 27, 2005