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Its great to be back on set for my directorial debut. Its been a challenging but incredibly exciting  project in every respect.

I really appreciate our partner in this venture, the amazing Sable Yu, who is all things to all people: a wonderful actress, gorgeous lady and a good friend. We're real...Read more

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The Fab Four / The Hong Kong Team - (from left) DP Ben Poon, AD Nick Dearman, Star Sable Yu, and myself as Director

We're shooting the epic duel between Snowblade and The Iron Monk, played by Kong Kwok-Keung AKA Rambo Kong. Sometimes I feel like the Ed Wood of Hong Kong, especially when Kong Sifu's around as he's my Tor Johnson! Kong is a true veteran of kung fu cinema, ...Read more

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Hi everyone,

Sorry for the lack of updates on my page - I had no idea directing a film could be so different from the producing gig! I promise to eradicate myself from being MIA and update when possible!

So we're smack bang in the middle of production on Snowblade and let me tell you, it truly is one of the most efficient, and most fun I've had on a f...Read more

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Meet The Woman From NZ


A visit from a deadly director from Down Under

As we hack and slash forward with our prep on 'Snowblade', its been a pleasure to have New Zealand born Chinese lady director Roseanne Liang helping out. As part of an exchange programme with the NZ Film Commission, we got Roseanne. God knows what ...Read more

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Reel East is go!


Your one stop shop for authentic Hong Kong movie memorabilia!

Besides our usual film and TV activities, my B&E Productions has just launched a memorabilia site selling posters, lobbycards and other merchandise from the glory days of Hong Kong cinema. These include some of the finest films ever from Golde...Read more

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Snowblade sets sail


All hands on deck with new stars

Taking arms against a sea of troubles with my directorial debut, 'Snowblade', it was a pleasure to take to the open waters with our existing lethal ladies and our two new cast members. That's (l-to-r) Kaoru (on whom more later), her bodygu...Read more

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Working La Croisette from East to West...




It was great to be back beneath the blue skies of the Riviera, to meet old friends and new, to review old strategies and seek new opportunities...Read more

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A Day in the Life

On the road with Logan

I know I usually post photos of myself making movies, practicing kung fu and posing with pretty girls, but that's only half the story. Sometimes life can be really interesting...

B&E are sta...Read more

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50 years of fury...


Half a century celebrated on the docks...

Hard to believe I reach my fiftieth year in November, which much make me the oldest guy on AnD (except maybe Andrew Ng!). I'm now old enough to remember when 50 was c...Read more

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B&E celebrate year one adventures at Filmart party


A gathering of the good, the bad and the beautiful...

The Chinese Banker's Club provided an unlikely setting for a bodacious bash held to commemorate B&E's first 12 ...Read more

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