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Reel East hits Soho with Savage Grace


Reel East's kung fu poster exhibition provides a Thursday night hit!

Our second live Reel East event (the first was our 'Once Upon A Time In China' celebration at Joyce is Not Here) was Savage Grace, an exhibition of Hong Kong kung fu movies held at Michael Leung's ...Read more

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Blog: Saturday, Feb 11

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Savage Grace in Soho

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Reel East on Youtube! : Get your kicks from some classic flicks!


Reel East brings action from the archive!

Our new Reel East Youtube site is now up and running.

We just uploaded some great 'China O'Brien' fight dailies that we found in the vault, and there's a lot more to come! Read more

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Savage Grace event / B&E relocates for 2012


Savage Grace for the Year of the Dragon!

Its been way too long since I posted a blog, but I have many fine excuses! We've been in the process of moving our B&E offices from Sheung Wan to a new 3000 square foot facility in Cheung Sha Wan.

This houses our producti...Read more

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MORE SOLIID INFORMATION : French flick films out east


Shooting the mean streets of Hong Kong and soundstages of Nanhai.


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The fast and furious French SF shoot for ‘SOLIID’ saw Team B&E filming on location in Aberdeen Harbour, Sheun...Read more

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On location in HK and China for a French SF actioner

Regular readers will have followed the various challenges we've faced shooting my directorial debut Snowblade. After all the pressure, its been a pleasure to take a break from the director's chair for a couple of weeks to produce scenes for a...Read more

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Bride of Fury


Kung Fu Wedding

Here's a funny photo that occurred when a happy couple, and their photographer, happened upon Mak Sifu and the rest of us training on the docks.

If you want to get your martial, rather tha...Read more

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Wanted : the few, the proud, the true...

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Snowblade - The new poster


A sneak preview of our new design.

Here's a special sneak preview of our new poster. My thanks to world class photographer Cynthia Cortes for taking the photo, and to our leading lady Sable Yu for...Read more

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