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Snowblade Advance Teaser Trailer

Hot off the press.  Check out "Snowblade" Advance Teaser Trailer.


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How Snowblade gets made...


Snowblade wraps first blood soaked scenes.

After a week of sweat and (mainly fake) blood, we have our first couple of scenes in the can. My thanks to our terrific team, all the Ace crew, actor Taeki Gon...Read more

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Snowblade Teaser Poster Released, Star Gets New Name!


And introducing... Sable Yu!

Here's our first official Snow Blade poster, featuring the form and face of our leading lady Sable Yu. I know you've been following the Snow Blade adventures of Yung Yung Yu, but I finally convinced her that, to western ears, 'Yun...Read more

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Snowblade flies

Nanhai's latest sexy swordswoman takes wing...

Today I have the full stunt team on the set as we set our lethal heroine flying and slaying. Here's me instructing our 1st AD Mongo Wolfe So on the havoc to come.

Conferring with th...Read more

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Snowblade Unveiled

Getting darker and edgier by the moment...

For the first time, we're having to censor photos before we put them on the otherwise family friendly AnD site! This is not your daddy's wu xia, and 'Snowblade' is going to push some boundaries for the genre. Happily, though the tone gets darker, the mood on the set stays light...

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Snowblade cuts loose

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The more you sweat in peace...

Preparing not to bleed in war

Salvation arrived for us today in the form of the sultry Rain Li, lady of the deadly lens, DP supreme... (That's her above with the 'what have I got myself into?' expression with Mak Sifu, Yung Yung and me.)

Yung Yung has endeared herself to the cast and crew. Below she's with Leon from the camera team and her PA WinterRead more

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Snowblade polishing continues


The blood flows; the cameras prowl...

The Snowblade prep continues apace. Our resident mad scientist Mike Dinetz is preparing blood by the gallon...

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'Snowblade' gets final polish

Countdown to blood and fury.

Logan and Yu face the wild frontier...

The good news is Yung Yung has her own dressing room at last. The bad news is that the office boy misspelled her character name...

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Storm before the calm...

Sharpening the 'Snowblade'Its our last weekend before the 'Snowblade' team decamps for Ace Studios in Nanhai, but there's no rest for the wicked. Yung Yung has to spend eight (8!) hours at the salon getting extensions to turn her from punkette to Tang dynasty terror...Read more

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