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An Overdue Thankyou.

Yo. This is gonna be a massive long post - you have been warned...I just want to say thanks to everyone who attended the exhibition last week. It was a great success. We raised just over $30,000 for charity and everyone seemed to have a good time. I'm not one for speeches and I think that showed. Only a couple of minor glitches throughout the evening but other than that it was pretty cool.Read more

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Exhibition Preview

Hi all.I have just got over the . It was not good as it's a little worse than regular flu only you have more nausea. I remember when it first came out and my flat mate was warning me that it can be fatal for people who have asthma, so naturally I was a little concerned when the doc said that I had the . Not cool. My flat mate called me everyday whilst I was in the hospital and then quarunteened at home making sure I was okay, so I wanted to thank her as well as my family, friends and my girl too.

Back on subject; Now because I ...Read more

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'POP ATTACK' - Charity Auction Illustrations

Over the next few weeks I'm going to be putting up information about the Exhibition and what I am going to be doing for it. In this blog I'm going to be talking about the images for auction and where the proceeds will go from this auction.

At 'Pop Attacks!' There will be three images for auction;

1. Fists of Fury**** Read more

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The Roots - How I Got Over

First video 'How I Got Over' from their highly anticipated album has just been released;

Video: http://videos.onsmash.com/v/jzLUmJUVausjmsZNOne word; SICK

I always look forward to any album by the legendary Roots Crew not only because they are f***ing amazing, but because each album is never quite what I expect. 

One thing i have learned from each album release is that with The Roots, you should never assume. Each album is...Read more

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1kstyles Presents: POP ATTACK!

I mentioned in an earlier blog to keep the 22nd October on your Calendar free... As you can see this is why.

My first solo exhibition being held at M1NT. I will be unveiling 10 Illustrations (9 new) and 3 of the illustrations are to be auctioned off for the Hong Kong Cancer Fund.There will be complimentary cocktails and canapes to satisfy your appetites and a few more supris...Read more

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Make Some Noise

Over the last few months I have been working on a long term project that will finally see the light of day. Initially starting out as an online magazine before breaking into publishing, we are going to make some noise with this.

Watch out Hong KongL

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You don't disrespect The Bing

On the theme of television, this illustration pays tribute to my most favourite- and arguably the best television show ever. The Soprano's ended on a six season run a few years back and focused on the life and troubles of New Jersey Mafia Mob Boss, Tony Soprano and his two 'families'.  Read more

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'I am Queens Boulevard'

It has been a while since I blogged. I mean properly blog. 

It's funny because I look online at so many blogs where everyone is in there own self-obsessed world, typing non-stop gibberish and loving their own reflection, talking about the 'coolest' parties, showing off celebrities they have taken photos with or whining about love and why the yearn for it. These are all examples of course, then I think - hey wait...I blog and I read these other 'blogs'... what does that say about me? 

Thankfu...Read more

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The Look of Love

"What is the look of

It got somethin to do with umm

Bein a man and handlin your biz

What love got to do with it

Ask S.V. it's all bullshit

You know what love is

Say it with me one time - you know what love is

You know what love is

You know what love ...Read more

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'Laughter is infectious, like smallpox or gay'.

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