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Exhibition Preview

Hi all.I have just got over the . It was not good as it's a little worse than regular flu only you have more nausea. I remember when it first came out and my flat mate was warning me that it can be fatal for people who have asthma, so naturally I was a little concerned when the doc said that I had the . Not cool. My flat mate called me everyday whilst I was in the hospital and then quarunteened at home making sure I was okay, so I wanted to thank her as well as my family, friends and my girl too.

Back on subject; Now because I got the damn , everything was pushed back a week including my exhibition so I have been trying to get everything back on track.

There will now be 19 illustrations on display for the exhibition. The following 3 are part of 6 that will be on display at M1NT for 3 months so here is an early preview of the framed work.There's Jimmy - 'Hendrix' (size A0)'Enter the Dragons' (size A1)'Hepburn' (size A1)These prints will be for sale and more details will be available at the event or you can e-mail me (lun@1kstyles.com) for more details.The flyers for the event have been dished out in and around Central thanks to our BROUHAHA soldiers.Aside from arranging the exhibition and BROUHAHA Magazine and various other projects, I have recently been commissioned to do editorial illustrations for Angie Wong's '' Column inTime Out HK. This will give me the chance to use more of my sketch work which is great as I've missed drawing these past few months...So if you are free on Thursday night come down to M1NT for some free drinks and canapes, some arty farty illustrations and most importanty a CHARTY AUCTION in aid of the Hong Kong Cancer Fund and my friend Sheila.Hope to see you all there!L

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looking forward to it. i hope i can actually make it... things are getting hectic with halloween coming up!
over 14 years ago
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I hope to see all you guys theres..!
over 14 years ago
I can't make it...but damn...I want the Smooth Criminal...seriously....... ....no I'm serious...how?
over 14 years ago
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Good luck with it all, got a stack of things happening at the moment but will try and make it!?!?
over 14 years ago
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Sorry I missed this. I was in Mint the other day though and saw these. They look fabulous, and even better than up on screen. Good work amigo
over 14 years ago


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