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'POP ATTACK' - Charity Auction Illustrations

Over the next few weeks I'm going to be putting up information about the Exhibition and what I am going to be doing for it. In this blog I'm going to be talking about the images for auction and where the proceeds will go from this auction.

At 'Pop Attacks!' There will be three images for auction;

1. Fists of Fury**** 2. Smooth Criminal**** 3. Norma Jeane****50% of the proceeds from these images will be going to the Hong Kong Cancer Fund. I have been in touch with them and they have been around for ten years and have finally started to bring awareness about the different types of cancer to schools. To find out more information about the group, you can follow them at the following linkhttp://www.cancer-fund.org/en/The other half of the proceeds will be going toward the cost of treatment for a friend of mine in Hong Kong who has leukemia. She is undergoing intense chemotherapy and it is very likely she is going to need a bone marrow transplant.

You can follow her group and show your love and support on the following link;http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=122523544241&ref=ts'Cancer' is a word something we don't really want to think about, but it's something people must deal with on a daily basis. Most of us will probably, if not have already dealt with it either through friends or family or even directly. These people need all the support they can get. Now all that needs to happen is for everyone to get as many people with deep pockets, a love for pop icons and most importantly big hearts down to the event to help out these causes. As cheesy as this may sound I mean it. 

Thanks for your time to read this blog and I hope you can spread the word.


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Love the MJ one~ Digg your stuff man, keep it up. God bless.
almost 15 years ago
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the bruce one kicks a$$!
almost 15 years ago
Who made these and what is the media and the size? I probably won't be able to make the auction but am very interested in the Bruce piece.
almost 15 years ago
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Great to hear you doing something so positive and giving back to help others! Nice one!!! The pictures look awesome and I hope you raise loadsa money!!! Good luck with it all ;)
almost 15 years ago
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All GREAT pieces - I's going to be a fantastic auction!!! i am excited already!
almost 15 years ago
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