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You don't disrespect The Bing

On the theme of television, this illustration pays tribute to my most favourite- and arguably the best television show ever. The Soprano's ended on a six season run a few years back and focused on the life and troubles of New Jersey Mafia Mob Boss, Tony Soprano and his two 'families'.  Now I'm gonna geek out here - one of the best scenes, possibly the best scene [be warned, meaty text!] :The Soprano's - Season 4 Episode 10: The Strong Silent Type.Tony with his family and friends confront his nephew Christopher about his drug addiction.

Paulie Walnuts: I don't write nuthin' down, so I'll keep this short and sweet. You're weak, you're outta control, and you've become an embarrassment to yerself and everybody else.

Christopher Moltisanti: Ho ho!! Listen ta you!

Dominic Palladino: Guys, guys! whoah...whoah..whoah...we said...non-judgmental.

Paulie Walnuts: Fuck that! Let 'im take his medicine!

Christopher Moltisanti: Seriously Paulie, you wanna talk about fuckin' up?

Paulie Walnuts: Watch it Chrissy!

Christopher Moltisanti: What, I thought we're bein' honest here! You got some balls you know that? All o' you. You wanna talk about self control. How 'bout you Sil? Fuckin' every slut you got workin' in the place when you got a wife and kids at home?

Dominic Palladino: Guys, guys!! Whoah...whoah!

Adriana La Cerva: Christopher!!!

Christopher Moltisanti: Or you Paulie!! Yeah, remember last winter in the woods with the Russian guy...

Tony Soprano: Christopher, I am fuckin' warnin' you!!!

Christopher Moltisanti: There he goes, Mr. Type "A" Personality!

Tony Soprano: We are here to talk about you killing yourself with drugs, not my fuckin' personality!

Dominic Palladino: That's right...

Christopher Moltisanti: I'm gonna kill myself?! The way you fuckin' eat, you're gonna have a heart attack by the time yer fifty! (Paulie gets up and grabs Chris by the shirt)

Dominic Palladino: Paulie, sit down...

Paulie Walnuts: You're talkin' to the boss here!

Joanne Moltisanti: Good, maybe someone will smack some goddamn sense into 'im?

Christopher Moltisanti: Great, my own mother. Fuck you, ya fuckin' whore! (Paulie punches Chris in the face slamming him into the ground and Silvio and Benny beat up on Christopher while he is on the floor)
What is your favourite scene?L

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