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He was a Skaterboy, she said see you later boy.

Ok. lousy post title I know. It's late. I had an intense one on one thai kick boxing lesson and I need a massage.

The images below are a working process...

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After spending the last few weeks designing and tinkering the layout, and after a loooong time coming I have finally got my site up. It's clean. It's sexy. It's brand spankin' new. Please feel free to look around.Please click to visit1kstyles.comA special shout out to my sister and my mom [god bless their souls]- really I would not have been able to do this without their love and support. And another spe...Read more

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'LEROY' #1 Cover Breakdown

'Leroy'#1 cover breakdown

I have held out on posting this image, but seeing as it's the cover to my comic-themed portfolio ot would be villainous of me not to post it... HAHAHA!

The cover to issue #1 of 'LEROY' was painstaking, long and both physically & mentally draining. I must have gone over the images separately over and over then once composed as a final image, i did the same thing ag...Read more

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New Portfolio

I have recently updated my portfolio in pdf format which can be downloaded HERE without taking up too much time or space.My website will be up and running very soon so keep your eyes peeled!!!Enjoy!L

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What's My Age Again?

What's My Age Again?

I read in a recent interview with Mark Hoppus that this year the single 'What's My Age Again?' by Blink 182 is 10 years old. It was the first Blink 182 song I heard. Continuing from the previous post and in celebration of their reunion, here are the finished images

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weez likez marylinz weez dooze...

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Nike x James Jarvis = SICK

How cool is this video? Video: http://www.onwards.tv/

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Blink 182

This is a piece I have been working on as of late. It's only 40% complete and hopefully will be done by the end of the week as well as numerous other projects I have been slaving over.I'm really looking to the finished version. Will look totally different from this.

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I have been wanting to discuss this project for a while and now it seems to be taking flight.

Over the last few months I have been working on a project with my good friends- writer Tom Cassidy [currently working at ] and Chef JeromeBillot [Executive Sous Chef of  Soho outlets].LEROY is a passion project which has been in the works for a good 6 years now. A comic book based on the world of chefs, cooking and restaurants with a slight Manga twist.That is all I can say right now. I'm working on the first issue right now. The hardest part of ...Read more

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The Rants of a Raving Lunatik

I like the title of this post. 

This post is just a little breather from work. The stuff I'm working on at the moment cannot be posted... but no doubt you will see it in due time.

It is April. The link below is what I was up to one year ago, - April 2008. http://1kstyles.blogspot.com/20080401_archive.htmlIt's nice to look back from time to time, to see how much you have progressed. I chose to look back this month b...Read more

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'Laughter is infectious, like smallpox or gay'.

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