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Blog: Tuesday, Feb 16

So yes ive been rather busy on my toes i have a little niece ive been taking care of the past couple months thats why ive been neglect everyone! my apologies!!

but that aside IMOFFICIAL!!

yes yes i know its awesomee

i just got back from my trip from chicago with some of the guys from the team!

ill update you guys in the next post with that.

but for now im back =]

oh yeah visit emcstunts.com the site is finally up =]

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sorry ive been out of the loop!!

heyyy everyone i just wanted to say sorry ive been out of the loop

recent a couple months ago my computer fried and i recently

got a computer donation from on of my very good friends =D

but with that said i want to tell everyone thank you for wishing me

a happy birthday i will eventually go thru my guestbook and thank

everyone but at the moment im to sleep but yeah thanks!! =]

oh yeah and if everyone havent known i dyed my hair black o_o

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Blog: Monday, Apr 13

heres my trip from last thursday!

it was pretty good!!

after that we went to boiling crab it was so delicious!!

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So far so tired x_x

Lets start it off with a video of my favorite dancer

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6nVh_UKAtQ8

this guy is my favorite dance the guy in the blue dress shirt he goes by the name of jsmooth

watching his video makes me uppity and want to dance! hes ill as F***

but yeah anywho

lately been doing bunch of crap trying to get things done and what not

went to charlie valintine not to long ago here are some photo of then...Read more

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yay my stunt reel is up =D

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JGo9SMktM38

been taking forever on this and stalling on it so

i just decided to release it today and there ya go

its a short stunt reel of mines im deciding to make

another one with all the works more tumbling and dancing and well everything!

but for now enjoy ^_^

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Art of war

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cdORzhXgIyM

So i was on set for 3 days shooting art of war for history channel it was pretty fun

beside the whole waiting to shoot part i mean dont get me wrong it was fun socializing

but there was points where i sat there doing nothing but eat i feel fat xD well yeah

they had me put on ridiculous wigs through out the whole week because of my hair

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The Gym!

so today there was a tourney at the gym

mike did pretty well like what justin said

he was practically the only guy that knew

how to actually kick properly hahahah

justin working reppin; the AnD hat hahah

he had duty of cleaning and distributing ...Read more

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Check it out

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The new doo!

yeahh so i have a new hairstyles among my many hairstyles and here it is

its a inspired by a japanese artist name miyavi

his style is wonderful!

haha dont get me wrong just because i listen to japanese and are like soooo into it

doesnt mean im trying to be him or any other! i just got heavily exposed to t...Read more

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first blog/rant

I believe in my stunt ability to be pretty good but i've been mostly working on stunt falls which i guess no one really give any sort of recognition for from what ive experience there's a lot of "favor's" and things like that im not saying im the best but i know im not the worst and apparently my image isnt that great thats another thing ive been working on because i believe my physical doesnt look so well or well enough so i shuold bump it up a notch and that i have been doing whats another thing oh yes my martial arts<...Read more

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