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first blog/rant

I believe in my stunt ability to be pretty good but i've been mostly working on stunt falls which i guess no one really give any sort of recognition for from what ive experience there's a lot of "favor's" and things like that im not saying im the best but i know im not the worst and apparently my image isnt that great thats another thing ive been working on because i believe my physical doesnt look so well or well enough so i shuold bump it up a notch and that i have been doing whats another thing oh yes my martial arts

see i know im capable of anything and everything just that i was never given a chance because i was always sought as a underling amoung everyone meaning like im the less experince and well the youngest really lol but it's fine really because i know what i am capable of and i can tear it up the oppurtunity will arrive sooner or later and i shall become even greater but right now im taking the steping stones and i grow each and every day

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Hmm you should use punctuation...reading that I ran out of breath and almost passed out hehe. Naw, it's cool keep persisting, and trying and striving. That's all we can do for now.
over 15 years ago
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yeah man...put some punctuation in this sucka.....haha...jk...I do that sometimes too...doesnt mean you should fool...but all and all....keep going main....we will all be up there main....and I can tell you that everyone appreciates your abilities as a stuntman and martial artist......so I feel you man(no homo)...yup I feel yah.....
over 15 years ago
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Sam wants to feel up on ya...watch out.
over 15 years ago
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justin should know.....he likes to feel on lots of guys...especially some guy name gackt....talks about him all of the time..
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