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The new doo!

yeahh so i have a new hairstyles among my many hairstyles and here it is

its a inspired by a japanese artist name miyavi

his style is wonderful!

haha dont get me wrong just because i listen to japanese and are like soooo into it

doesnt mean im trying to be him or any other! i just got heavily exposed to them and

got very intrested in thier music and thier way of living!

i used to be a huge visual kei fan but i toned it down to not so much

i liked it because of thier stylish hairstyles really and their melody of musics!

for those who dont know what visual kei really is basicaly..heres a picture xD

one of many popular bands out there haha

well thats pretty much it for this blog another maybe

tomorrow if i dont forget after training!


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Tight, when I was in Harajuku back last year there was a group of like 10 girls all dressed as that one guy from Gazette with the bandage over her face haha. They looked tight though. Gazette guys got tight hair....wish mine could do it. =(
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