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Art of war

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cdORzhXgIyM

So i was on set for 3 days shooting art of war for history channel it was pretty fun

beside the whole waiting to shoot part i mean dont get me wrong it was fun socializing

but there was points where i sat there doing nothing but eat i feel fat xD well yeah

they had me put on ridiculous wigs through out the whole week because of my hair

here is us trying to hook up the ps3 which johnny enormous tv lol

i had to stay at d.y's place for a night thanks again for that d.y

and then we all stayed at yangs place for 2 days while i

stayed another extra day thanks again yang! ^_^

we arrive at...to damn early time i had about 30 mins of sleep throught

that whole 12hours+ shoot day i was drained to the brain! but yeah


as you can see i have long black hair ever wonder what i look like? well thats it! xD

the first day they made up play as chinese warriors which looks a little

something like this

oh man that helmet was so uncomfortable because of the fact that

i have to wear bobbing pins in my wig and made the helmet

snug on tightly to my head!

our second attire was viet cong i had to do stunt falls during this time

i did semi ultimate tiger back and a paper frog good stuff good stuff =]

theres missing pictures but eh cant wait to long to post the blog

anywho over all it was cool it wasnt as bad as other shoots ive been too

~well im out

Thin bun sam

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Photo 37580
Yeah actually I was wondering why you didn't just dye it black too hehe, but black to blonde takes forever I guess heh. Must be nice being viet heh.
over 15 years ago
Img 1004
nice photo
about 15 years ago
Photo 80548
Great hair-cut!
over 14 years ago


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