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i found this sick mixes of old school khmer music

made by a dude name rob viktum im really digging it

now that is real hip hop guys

well on a side not lets write a status update for myself today

so i have to find a place where i have to be resident in (live)

i might have to move because of housing its very trouble for me

it gets really tired and im tired of having to live under rules its like

living with shackles espcially my apartment complex! i cant even

listen to my own music at night because its "too loud" thats some bull!

im also still having trouble finding someone letting me use thier

car to use to take my driving test at the dmv so i wouldnt have to

keep relying on malay for a ride because i feel bad having to let him

keep driving up and down you know what i hate though people keep

telling me "oh get your L's already" but when it comes down to it

they dont do squat to help me get it its like dude! stfu if you dont want

to help me get it shoot.

one things going well i think me working out i think its paying off

maybe slowly but surely as long as i feel good for myself then yeah

i dont know if that made sense but im to lazy to erase and rewite B]

sometimes i feel like doing some crazy ass stunts like falling from

a 2 story roof! hahah 8] in due time i shall fall off a second story roof

to a fire hydrant! hahahahha xDD

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Make sure you get insurance before falling onto a fire hydrant from the second story haha.
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