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Experience a jam-packed weekend in the life of a working actor. The two day Jeanne Hartman's Acting Weekend offers approximately 14 hours of training, and is designed to help actors ready to jump-start and launch a successful career !

Whether you have already had some acting tra...Read more

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My SupEr DupeR Make-up Artist / Stylist  ALVIN GOH 

hooked me up with BEAUTY PRO magazine

 and a great photographer Justin Ng from Singapore to create 4 different looks

in preparing you for the...Read more

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18 CITIES 12 DAYS - ROAD TRIP in FRANCE (Part 1 of 7) |12天遊18城–在法國旅行 (七之一)|12天游18城–在法国旅行 (七之一)


" PLAY HARD WORK HARDER "  this is how I pursuit my life ~!!


I'm on a road trip with my parents in South Of France.

Other than feeding myself and pay the rent, I earn to see the world.

I love to travel, especially with my family.

In twelve days, we had visited about 20 cities, including towns and beaches.


This is my FIRST stop ~ PARIS Read more

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I will share some photos with U'all which I personally love it. I'll try to load one weekly accompanying by a song which suits how I feel about the photo when I took it. Hope U'all will love my work too

I can't really explain it,

I haven't got the words

It's a fe...Read more

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In 1930s



  1930sis an era which beauty can only be defined and captured naturally without any formsof post editing nor enhancements, like we have today. I only get to learn to appreciate deeply these legendary actors and actresses, when I become one myself. Hope that with hardwork, I'll come close to be as good as them.


Charlie Chaplin - The Tramp

Charles "Charlie" Chaplin wa...Read more

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY RACE ~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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What's Phil doing?|Phil在做什麽?|Phil在做什么?

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R3WidDBN-IwHmmm... looks like  he's practicing to be a director for an upcoming project...I sure do wonder what kinda project it is (and which other actors and actresses are involved)...  ps  Sammy thank you so much for your patience ~!!! It was a good practice, let&...Read more

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  My sister,Raceand I are very adventurous toward living life in a different dimension,with sooo much pleasure! We have the guts to try out new life style, new taste, new fashion, venturing around foreign places, hiking, took up my Dad's challenges like selling Christmas hats and soda along Singapore busiest street,  living a brand new life, learning the language and absorbing its culture. Here I present, two naive sisters from having two lug...Read more

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Let's go I.T Phil !!!!

This coming Sat,  Phil and I will be attending I.T 20th Anniversary party so here we go shopping away being caught in action. Its funny how our life are being documented even doing the most trivial matter.Thanks to my fans for providing these information:  http://forum.2rfg.com/壹周刊 第964期 08月28日08

換 畫

鍾 嘉 欣 男 友 晒 肌 肉   Race  爆 做 阿 四

鍾 嘉 欣...Read more

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Being an Artiste or Entertainer, I still try to keep my life  REAL and enjoyable. However in order to build a reputable name and a positive image, keeping it  TOO REAL might do harm or affect what is  PRESUME of as an Artiste.

  Isn't Artiste human as well?  

  What is real?   What is too real?   Who is going to justify it?

I personally believe that for the dedication, hard work and time I've put into pe...Read more

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