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14 HOURS in TOTAL DARKNESS n my LEFT eye spoke to my RIGHT eye !!!!!!!!!!!!!!|14小時的完全黑暗,我的左眼跟右眼說話了!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I first realized I was short sighted in primary school. I was the tallest girl in class (can you believe that?!) so I sat right at the back of class room. One day at band camp... Oh no no one day during a mathematics lesson, my teacher caught me squinting my eyes whilst trying to copy notes from the blackboard. After school that day, I went to the opticians and got myself the first cheapest and biggest plastic frames =)

| 從小學開始我就知道自己是近...Read more

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Imperial Romance | 宮廷羅曼史

Rozy and I were being invited by Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts (HKAPA) to their yearly fund raising ball on last Sat. HKAPA is the only higher arts institution in the territory which provides professional education, training n research facilities in the performing arts, theater technical arts n film n television.

This event is sponsored by Harry Winston. We didn't expect it to be as grand and extravagant, attended only by the rich and famous and capable and bright and lucky (like me) , people whom i normally se...Read more

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Parents visiting =) | 父母來探望 =)

I had an awesome week with my parents, who had came all the way to visit Racy n me. My parents are really cool, they could chill, shop, play with us and even have fun with our friends. They have been working real hard lately so I intend to show them around HK.

I've been staying in HK for 6 years but never have I the chance to chill and watch any fireworks in most beautiful city by the water front. On the 1stOct I brought them to Kellett Island. We had a simple dinner and enjoy these beauty sipping away champagne...Read more

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DANCING n looking fabulous in CHANEL

Dancing is really an awesome exercise to keep u fit and energized. I seriously need to sweat it out everyday to feel good to go !!! After my training days in Korea, I continue to have dancing lesson back home. I don't have any foundations like ballet, chinese dance, jazz, hip-hop .....and I'm naturally not flexible at all. Having to learn late, like now its simply tough !! Stretching ....!!!....its the moment I ain't looking forward to !!! Its tormenting !!!!!!!!!! aHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

Read more

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On a FULL MOON .......... | 滿月……

 ............................ I am a swimming galaxy tonight. Angels prowl around me hoping I will toss them a fresh piece of light.............Here darlings, here, my sack is brimming because I have a full moon in the house............******Happy Mid-Autumn Festival !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


中秋節快樂!!!!!!!!!!...Read more

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When ROZY meets SAM | 當Rozy遇見Sam

googleadsection_start(name=def)This week of mine has been very "happening" !!! I've been meeting new n interesting people, been to places that I've never explore. Oops I feel hermitic!!! On Friday night, I was invited to Patrick's cousin house with Andrew n Amanda (btw in short i named them 2A heehee) for a heart warming dinner. I always love to dine at home especially with family. The home made Thai cuisines was yummy but the company was even better !!!!

This is SAM. He is 8 yrs old....Read more

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Rozy is back in town yo !!!Recently i went home (Singapore) with TVB to shoot a travel and food program, introducing S'pore delicacies to U !! YES YOU !!!This is one job which most would envious Well I've no complaint for I really get to EAT EAT EAT and EAT !!! Many of these dishes may be normal to ME, however to other cultures may seem bizarre. Once upon a time, delicacies are rare foods that are difficult to prepare or obtain, served only for special occasions. Often the rarity or difficulty to prepare of a dish causes it to becompa...Read more

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I had a dream last night......


" You sit there gazing at me with those beautiful penetrating eyes as though you understand my thoughts and desires.

I can see and feel you love me but I have never heard you say it and I never will. But I don't need that because actions speak more than a thousand words.

We connected right at the start and I was blessed to find you out from so many. How our lives would be so different if your lovely eyes never set their sights on me.I watched you grow up like my own child and I have been throu...Read more

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My 1st DOG since year 2000

I was in high school Perth, Western Australia when i met her

I still remember that sunny day vividly....

I've never love anything so much that made me wanna own it

I guessed that  was love at first sight!

I bought her and put her into a 12" by 9" cupboard box and rushed home

I called my Mom, i wanna her to give my Pomeranian a lovely name

I described every physic details about my baby girl ...the color of her fur, the way she walked, the pitch of her bark, the shape o...Read more

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