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 It tingles with excitement to practise my opening:    

  "Hi FaGor, I have been wanting to meet you since i...was a kid???"    

 "No~ No~ No~ Ahemm""Hi FaGor, its such a pleasure to meet you ! My parents and I are such big fans of yours....."  


No film you've ever seen is sufficient to prepare you for the powerful magnetism of being in the same room with this icon of the silver screen.It is no wonder that women of all ages weaken at their knees and me...Read more

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BULLSHIT comes as a package for my line job - "SHANGHAI" in BANGKOK " (2nd Episode)|垃圾新聞接踵而來-在曼谷拍"上海"(第二集)|垃圾新闻接踵而来–在曼谷拍"上海"(第二集)

In my line of job, whenever there are a BOY

and a  GIRL

happened to be featured in the same project and happened to be "caught" hanging out togetheris DEFINITELY DATING~!!

Damnif this is how  EASY Breezythings roll, nobody would have trouble finding your better half.

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BULLSHIT comes as a package for my line job - "SHANGHAI" in BANGKOK" ( 1st Episode) |對我工作的垃圾報道–在曼谷拍《上海》|对我工作的垃圾报道–在曼谷拍《上海》

Face 第63期 08月06日08

FBI File

2R 激 凸 遊 泰

我 FBI 早 排 就 走  去 泰 國 曬 太 陽 梳 乎  , 仲 去 埋 跳 蚤 市 場 cha-tu-chak 掃 平 貨 。 人 海 茫 茫 竟 然 俾 FBI 撞 到 投 閒 置 散  一 排  姊 妹 花 2R 。 呢 日 2R 專 攻 cap 帽 、 短 襪 同 化 妝 袋 仔 等 平 價 飾 物 , 同 行 仲 有 大 隻 仔 安 志 杰 喎 ! 30 幾 度 高 溫 下 ,  到 鬼 咁 少 布 的 2R 仲 幫 襯 街 邊 生 果 檔 , FBI 問 佢  唔 驚 肚 痛 咩 ? 佢  就 話 : 「  新 加 坡 都 係 咁 食  啦 , 唔 怕 喎 。 」

原 來 2R 同 安 志 杰  泰 國 拍 新 戲 《 上 海 》  外 景 , 套 戲 係 周 潤 發 同 鞏 俐 ...Read more

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It has been 4 years since I last visited Bangkok to film my debut movie

Sei mong se junaka  "Ab-normal Beauty"with[Race.](/racewong)


This trip to Bangkok is to be part of a big production film " Shanghai".


all excited because I've Race with me a...Read more

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UNDERCOVER was celebrating his 3rd anniversary in HK yesterday. To mark the day JUN TAKAHASHI was sewing but not CLOTHES ~ !!

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VANESS WU stole SWAROVSKI's lime light or 2R ???!!!|吳建豪偷走了SWAROVSKI的註目光輝或是2R???!!! |吴建豪偷走了SWAROVSKI的注目光辉或是2R???!!!

[Race Wong](/racewong) , ****[Philip Ng](/philipng) and myself attended Swarovski event to support our buddy-                 [Van Ness Wu](/vannesswu) as he was grooving his two new songs that night.

Van's new album- IN BETWEEN is definitely my pick album of the month. PLUS he directe...Read more

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EVENT on the 14th July SEE YOU THERE !!!!!!!!!

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Eee Family系列Eee box矚目登場將在港率先上市


ASUS Eee Family系列又一力作,全球最小的家居電腦Eee Box領先全球在港上市!華碩深感多謝全球Eee PC用家的支持與愛護,為了體貼消費者,本年度重點推出Eee Box,以後到處行動有輕便的Eee PC助您隨時上網,安坐家中有細小時尚的Eee Box助您點綴家居,讓ASUS從內至外豐富您的生活。 

Eee Box—最迷你PC,體積超級小,潛力無限大!面積比A4紙還小 ,超薄1.6公分,Eee Box是最小巧的桌上電腦,放在任何地方都不佔空間 ,還可以附掛在...Read more

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RURAL vs URBAN -------birthday celebrationS ~!!!



For my birthday day this year, I'm able to treat myself a get away to LONDON ~~ !!! Since there is a time difference between Hong Kong and London, I'm having the longest birthday ever~!! Join me and let me share with you how I celebrated my 31hours birthday................................



A 5 hours drive from London into the arms of nature - Lake District

Believe me ,ALL I se...Read more

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Do you watch Winbledon ???

Do you watch Winbledon ???

ALL theHOTTIES are OUT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ana Ivanovic (world no.1)

Read more

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YOur BLOG belongs to ME.........THANK YOU =)|專為我寫的博客…………謝謝你們=)|专为我写的博客…………谢谢你们=)

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Hong Kong
August 20, 2007