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Balloons + Cupcakes + Family = ❤️ @rosannewong @rhondawong

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Happy Birthday to the sweetest 🎀 & loveliest 💗person in my life- my Mum. Thank for for being an inspiration and for being a role model. Especially now that I'm a mum, I now know how difficult it was for you to raise me. Hope you like the pink themed party tonight 😘

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Thank you Women's Weekly for the feature. In a tech world dominated by men, we are proud to be leading our team at @ohmyhomesg 👯

ohmyhomesg #hdb #realestate #womenintech

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I tried to keep track of the size of her palm today but got this instead 🤣. My body's still trying to adjust to not having more than 4 hours of undisturbed sleep. I'm either feeding or expressing. Still wanting to sleep more....still wondering how to keep up with this when I get back to the office

babiesaresocute #theoddhours #breastfeeding #needmoresleep

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Love watching the sunset from home everyday.

blessed #lovelife #nofilter

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A woman's body is amazing. Able to give life, able to expand & contract. I never knew pregnancy is such a worrying process. With months of anticipation and uncertainty, I'm just so relieved my baby's out healthy and well. It helps that I was busy working during my pregnancy, otherwise I would have worried myself into depression.

unicornkiss #love #newmum

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The All Girls Clan. I'm sure my daughter Cara wants to say Hi to everyone. So blessed to have two wonderful sisters @rosannewong @rhondawong to stand by me no matter what and when. Love you both to bits but I have to love Cara more. ☺️

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Whenever I saw news of women breastfeeding and making a big deal out of it, I really thought they were making a big deal out of it..... till I tasted the pain of breastfeeding. Well, it's not much, just the most painful thing in the world. No matter how hard I fell and bled throughout my life, I never shed a tear and I actually shed some tears breastfeeding. So yes, sadly, breastfeeding has brought my pain threshold to a whole new level. 🍼😵 #breastfeeding #breastfeedingmoms #pain #ouch #hanginginthere

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Glad I found time to chill before baby popped! Now.... I can't even find time to sleep 😴. Thank you for the beautiful pics @nickyloh @gingerlynette @viviyeh_

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September 11, 2007