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Caught doing what I shouldn't do. Don't text and walk at the same time. It's #dangerous

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I'm really lucky that @blowplusbar is so near my office. I go in with my greasy hair after work and tah-dah... now I'm ready for dinner! 💇🏻

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Matching #ootd with @rhondawong at Bedok visiting the largest comic strip in Singapore. Did you know that we are the authors 📝 of this comic? #daysofourlives Stories inspired by the clients we meet daily. 💕@Ohmyhomesg

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A simple birthday celebration for our helpers. I really appreciate them cuz they are here taking care of my family every single day. Without them, life will be so different, isn't it? So blessed!


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Happy Birthday 🇸🇬. It is on this day that we feel the most patriotic and are reminded of the things we are blessed with in Singapore.

sg52 @ohmyhomesg

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Don't we all have #moreissuesthanvogue ?

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Welcome to Singapore's Largest Comic Strip by @ohmyhomesg at Jurong East MRT station! Follow us on Facebook to win prizes everyday! 😘

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On our way home from work! People often ask how we made time for each other given our busy work schedules. The key is food🥘 ! Dinner is an important time for us. That's when we exchange stories, eat and laugh together ❤️

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Ready for Monday?

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September 11, 2007