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Aloha! It’s our annual December holidays again! This time it’s extra special to have Cara with us. The last time I was in Hawaii?.... 20 years ago! Lovin’ it


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7 Dec 1941, the day Pearl Harbor was attacked and thousands of lives gone. So much lives have been lost in conflicts and war but still many leaders of the world haven’t learned much from history... I pray for the day leaders of countries and religions work towards a greater good for the world. 🙏🏼

7dec1941 #pearlharbor #worldpeace

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When I resumed yoga with @marialourdeschanyoga a month after giving birth, I was so weak I struggled with an upward dog. My body felt lousy. Now six months after Cara’s born, with #yoga, I feel so much stronger. To all new mums out there, hang in there, it’s not easy but don’t give up on exercising.

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Beautiful moments make beautiful memories which makes a beautiful mind and a happy heart. Thank you to my family and friends for being a part of my beautiful life. And to my sister @rosannewong who flew in to help with the set up and @rhondawong who had to juggle our extremely stressful work to help my hubby put this together. I love the photos you chose!

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I thought we were going for a simple dinner but my darling surprised me with a party with all my favourite people. Darling, I’m so #luckytohaveyouinmylife ! 😘😘😘

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Happy first anniversary darling. It has been an amazing year for us. To many more years of love, family and life together ❤️

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A rare break from work this evening to attend @chanelofficial Cruise Collection show. Beautiful clothes, beautiful models. I wanna be a Greek goddess too..

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This is the first time I tried VR gaming. It’s so real I literally screamed out loud when the zombies attacked me!! First VR game @zerolatencysg is opening in #Singapore next week. The graphics are amazing it’s so fun playing it with my team.

teamspirit #vr

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I’m so spoilt by my Sister @rosannewong. She gave me these Super luxurious #organic #toothpaste! So pretty they don’t even look like toothpaste... something I wouldn’t try if not for her. But having tried it for a month... this is like a no turning back kinda thing ya know? It tastes so good and it’s free of chemicals yet my teeth’s whiter, oh dear I gotta set aside a Budget for toothpaste from now on 😅. Thank you for the #love @rosannewong 😘

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At my hubby’s company D&D. So proud of what he has built from scratch and am blessed to be part of the celebration.

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Hong Kong
September 11, 2007