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To all the women out there who have braved the storms and still emerge as winners!


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All through my twenties in HK, I kept thinking that the best time of my life was the time spent studying in Perth... when I was 17 and got nothing to fear or worry in my life. And it is really now, years later, when I’m married, with my husband, my baby, family and my current career that I truly feel that I’m the happiest I’ve ever been. Maybe it’s an arrangement from God that I got to revisit Perth only when I’m really happy again. 🙏🏼❤️

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This is Cara’s first trip to Perth. She’s a lovely baby to travel with, always smiley and curious. Btw, Her headband is not a filter💖

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Hello Ed Sheeren here I come. Hello Perth it’s been soooo many years. I miss you. Weather is perfect here!

edsheeren #perth

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Over the weekend, I went for a private viewing of a few short films showcasing local hidden heroes. The stories are touching and inspiring, made me sobbed all the way through, definitely worth watching. Visit 15shorts.com to view them.

15shorts #sgcares #racewong @prestigesg

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Thank you @prestigesg and @lionnel_lim for putting this together.

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@rosannewong ‘s son Daniel is such a sweetheart. He loves Cara to bits and can’t stop hugging and kissing her. He said to my sister “Mummy, Cara’s cheeks are so puffy and cute, I like to kiss her” ☺️ Cara’s so blessed to have cousins to grow up with.

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Happy Chinese New Year!! This the busiest time for our family. Lots of visiting and hosting gatherings for family and friends. Hope you’re enjoying your Chinese new year as much as I am. Here’s wishing you and healthy and prosperous year ahead!

cny2018 #2r #racewong

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Time to start memorising these Chinese phrases to get you more red packets!! How many of these do you know?


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Happy Valentines Day to my Husband. The one who has created all the most beautiful moments for me. I’ve never been happier than I am with you and it’s really alright if you don’t get me a present cuz I’ve got enough happiness and I know how busy we both are... Appreciate the extra effort and thank you for making me the lucky one ❤️


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Hong Kong
September 11, 2007