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Everything in life is a matter of perception and illusion. You are what you think you are.


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On the road today! With @rhondawong @ohmyhomesg

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@alvingoh popped by Singapore for a bathroom tour 😝


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I've done Voice Over for movies and tv ads but I've actually never heard how a professional does it. Today we got @jeandanker to do the V.O for @ohmyhomesg new ad and I was so impressed with her voice! It's like honey with a sting. I've listened to @jeandanker on the radio since I was in secondary school and yet she still looks so young, she's amazing. Love her voice.

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lazysunday sooooo sleepy

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Dare to disturb because you need to be heard

makeyourselfheard #speakup

Hair: @blowplusbar

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Love @gal_gadot in #wonderwoman but you know what? We are all Wonder Women! Cheers to all the strong women out there, we are all amazing ⚜️

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This morning....Hubby came home from work trip with presents for me.... still in dreamland 😴☺️🎁❤️ cuz my sleep comes in 2 hours packages every night due to nursing. 2 hours= 2 presents. lol maybe I should sleep more 🤔. Haha... #yawnyawn


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hbd to my dearest Sister @rosannewong ! You have always been there for me to catch me when I fall because you're always a step ahead of me. It has been amazing growing up with you. Love you to the moon and back! ❤️

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Balloons + Cupcakes + Family = ❤️ @rosannewong @rhondawong

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