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I love spending time with my baby on weekends ... reading baby books makes me feel like a baby too. Haha!

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Darling, Happy Birthday! Words aren’t sufficient to express how amazing you have transformed my life. You have filled me with so much contentment I constantly feel lucky and blessed. Thank you for inspiring me to reach for the stars yet keep me grounded. I love your grit in work yet put family above all. I love your kindness to people and the ways you make me laugh. I love you and I want to spend every single birthday with you ❤️

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On a rainy day like today, I just wanna cuddle up with my baby and snooze... •


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We’ve been watching #CNBC for our daily dose of market news so it’s extremely awesome for @ohmyhomesg to be featured on the program to talk about tech disruption in the property sector. So proud of you @rhondawong 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

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Friends are medicine for a wounded heart and vitamins for a hopeful soul- Steve Maraboli @chloetong @pandriejanssen @natalie.bala @chanilaria @nataliennathaniel @mxkuok @anthonytanpy @hannyeoh @markbala #alphaweekend

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Is it a sisters thing that we have endless things to talk about even when we see each other Every Single Day? 🤣 . . @rhondawong @ohmyhomesg @mediacorp #channel8 #moneyweek #sisterslove #sisterspower

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My baby's 4 months old today. Everyday, when I see all that my child has, all these cakes and especially people around her who cares loves her unconditionally, I tell her how lucky she is... & I will do my best teach her well, to not take all that she has or will have for granted. May she grow up a fine lady 🙏🏼

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Special occasion, special wine. The last bottle of magnum Henri Jayer in this world unveiled.

wine #henrijayer #latache

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Cracking our brains at work.

brainstorming #ohmyhomesg

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Morning 💐

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