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At Bruno Mars concert!! He is awesome.... definitely my fav male singer 💣

brunomarsconcert @brunomars

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The fire man video in full frame

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You gotta check out the video of the fire man. This man is the real fire man, without gloves and any protection, I don’t know how he does it but it’s amazing. This is my hubby’s fav beef ball stall in Bangkok. It’s delicious 😋

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Breakfast club with @natalie.Bala. Nothing worries a mum more than a child feeling ill. I hope Theo recovers from his fever soon dear 🙏🏼 .

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These guys are trying so hard to steal the show. So much fun with my Alpha Family. @rhondawong @hannyeoh @natalie.bala @xplacidacidx

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I feel like an octopus running a start up. I gotta dream the big dream, figure out how to get there, raise money to put a team team together, plan & market, manage the team, drive revenue, deal with complains and bugs, raise money again & still make time for interviews😅. Truthfully, if the work is not meaningful, it really isn’t worth the craziness & stress. Good thing is, I love the work I do and all that madness that comes with it. Most blessed to have my Sister @rhondawong as my partner! We get to go through the ups and downs together.

teamwor...Read more

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Feels like a long week cuz it’s been a stressful one. So glad it’s Saturday. Have a good weekend 🙌🏼

workouttodestress @marialourdeschanyoga

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I love it when my Husband does yoga with me. Initially, he hated it but now he knows it’s good for him to stretch and of course it’s because I force him to. Haha. #couplegoals #motivateeachother @marialourdeschanyoga #yoga

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I had a big scare on our flight home last night and I’d like to share so that it doesn’t happen to the other babies. I was holding Cara in a milk drinking position resting on my thighs during take off. The moment the plane took off, the tray table in front of us dropped forward towards us and hit Cara hard on the side of her head. She screamed and cried hysterically. But luckily, she’s feeling alright now. I really couldn’t help but imagine that if she was not lying down but sitting in front of me, the table would have hit her hard in the front of her throat and god...Read more

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September 11, 2007