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Sleep is like recharging the batteries inside me. How can one function at their optimum without it? Time to power up! (battery...getting...lo....) screw the professor tmr morning.....

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Most of my girlfriends love all kind of sweeties especially chocolate & I do not know why I gave them any impression that I love sweet too (I am a strange female, I do not appreciate sweeties like all other females do, I can only have one or two sweeties every once in a while).  But still this year, I got about 9 boxes of chocolates as christmas gifts.  One of them is souvenir from Colombia - Jet chocolate and a solid guava snack (a delicacy of Colombia). I got to say, "they are really not bad"!   And that give me an idea to do some r...Read more

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No pain, no gain!

When your heart if filled with grief, nothing in the world seems to matter anymore. What you see is not what other people see. (You can't see color.) You think, nothing will ever be the same again. (And, it won't be.) You fear nothing because what could be worse? (Nothing.)

The sad thing is, it can be worse. Can't it? You could lose more people you love. You could experience more sadness. You won't be able to help more people. The more people you love, the worst it'll be.

Knowing this reality is extremely...Read more

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translation of the last story blog

here you go (I am just going to translate the story briefly) :

A blind man and his dog died together and went up to heaven, there was an angel at the gate and told them : there is only one quota left to go into heaven, so only one of you two can get in & how shall we decide on that? the blind man said : why dont my dog & I have a race? The ... See Moreangel was like "you shitty man, you know your dog is going to following you and not running faster than you do". an...Read more

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my last blog

just wondering, how come my last blog wasnt translated into English yet?  usually alivenotdead is so efficient, alert and very professional.  or this translation service has been cancelled.

Patricia Liu

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McDonald House Charity Bowling Event on 5th Dec,2009

The interview video clip


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主人...Read more

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Take Her Picture

Dear all

I just finished the short film "Take her Picture", bascially, it is about a girl (me) who came to LA city and feel lonely and stuff like that and then met a guy and at the end, it is a love story.  i cant wait till to see the finish products.  i think it will be cool.

i still cannot find the commercial that i shot for intel about two months ago on youtube, still waiting.  i finally finished my basic veterinary course and now is deciding on whether to go to the medical school to continue the study.  it will ...Read more

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A True Friend!|真正的朋友!|真正的朋友!

A good friend will bail you out of the jail......But a true friend will be sitting next to you Saying We Screwed Up but we had FUN! Happy Friendship week to all of you | 一個好朋友會把你從監獄中保釋出來......但是一個真正的朋友會坐在你身邊,說我們把事情搞砸了,但是我們很開心! 祝大家友誼周快樂!| 一个好朋友会把你从监狱中保释出来......但是一个真正的朋友会坐在你身边,说我们把事情搞砸了,但是我们很开心! 祝大家友谊周快乐!

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