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Poor kid, and the worst is, the bullies are also kids. Why? Where are the adults

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Even if killing them, at least, treat them better and one cut to the throat, so they don't need to suffer. Please stop all these cruel actions. Be kind to all life forms

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科學家證實,佛門咒語有神奇的力量.. 能帶來身體健康!

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My Christmas tree pictures to my best friends in my pictures album The 3 of us, saying, so many years friendships, no matter how mad we were, how sad, how happy, how tired, we share EVERYTHING (except husband for sure.. lol) can't wait till our retirement trip

P.S. the oldest was on her trip with her husband already. ...✈

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Happy new year to all of u. Happy 2015

over 9 years ago 114 likes  0 comment  1 share

Merry Christmas to everyone

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When can my cats be my earning tools? This cat can do high five while none of my cats even willing to move their fat ass to their eating dish. After putting food in their dish now, they are still all laying in my bed and I have to carry each one to their dish including ting ting (she is so fat now, even heavier than ball ball).... All I am asking now, not much, no need to earn money for me. But at least, earn their own meal money n walk to their own dish when the food is being served! (P.S. I have three cats and they are ball ball, milk milk and ting ting. it supposed...Read more

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Even though I am in USA now but I'm watching all the news about this event. This is really a sad story. Frankly speaking, a lot of hk people wish that we still is the colony of UK even though they are not chinese and used to bully China. However, when they were ruling us, at least we have free speech and freedom to do anything. Now, look at all these, the housing market is super sky high. A less than 500 feet apartment, cost more than a few millions hkd dollars. And those mainland chinese people are rubbing the hk people. Pls pass this along to anyone who ...Read more

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