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Two little monster....... still have one not in this photo.

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Dear all

Pls vote for me, 1usd equal one vote, so the more you donate, the higher chance I will win at least one award. Plus all donations are tax deductible plus some of them will go to two charities. One for homeless n one for animals

Remember you are not only support me, its also support the homeless and animals.

Thank you so much!

p.S. I am in the bottom of the page, please scroll it down. thanks again!

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Paul McCartney

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This cat only like bath.....

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How can I get rid of Dark Circle???

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one of my silly cat......

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My information on imdb.com

Hey guys,u can visit my profile/information at the below link too:*http://www.imdb.me/patriciajoma *http://pro.imdb.com/name/nm2357283/ thanks!

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my reel!

Hi all,

sorry for disappear for quite some time. have u guys see this reel before?


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Alive not dead, sorry!

Remember you guys sent me the invitation to go to the events on 23rd at W Hotel, I did go but on the next day.  I mixed up the date......  miss the chance to see you guys again, so sorry!

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