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Leavin on a jetplane


The time has come for my one and only annual holiday!

How sad am I? Not only do radio DJs have to work when you guys are on holiday, our boss never let's me take off for more than a week!!!

Please... every minute... go by as slowly as you can.

My favorite part - taking off, cutting thru the clouds.

Sooooo, I'll be hittin S.Diego/ LA/...Read more

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I'm a model?

Here's the deal, I'm 5'2".

I'm a model?

Well it seems I have a good head of hair so the stylists thought I'd make a good poster girl.

So here you go...

The stylist decided to go nuts after his visit to Korea, so he gave me what apparently a lot of Korean hotties are rockin:

And this is for their ad campaign. They made us girl scouts. I&#...Read more

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FHM Most Wanted 2008

I'm obviously not one of them ;P

But I did host this year's party in KL for FHM Malaysia, so boys - feast your eyes!

(Will have to work with what i have from my camera b4 the publicity shots come out - will upate then)

With my girl Vanessa Chong - sweet sweet girl next door who also whooped some serious ass in Amazing Race Asia 2.

Read more

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A shoot at my home

A somewhat typical Saturday for Serena - a photo shoot!!!

This happened last Saturday when OK! magazine came to my humble abode.

The feature will be in the Sept issue of OK! magazine.

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Af_GhRcAdxA This is me muckin around in between wardrobe/ hair changes.

Coincidence - my good friend terrytyelee's demo's playin on my Mac! Much love to The Dove!

Behind-the-scene pics are in my "...Read more

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Doll Domination!

Less than 24 hours after arriving in KL, PCD had the regional press conference for their 2nd album Doll Domination. I was expecting a moody bunch but they were incredibly energetic, giggly and game! I guess that's what sets true professionals apart from the rest huh?

(I'm the midget holding the mic)

Here's something the makeup artist told me - apparently lead PCD Nicole rece...Read more

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Serena's hurt

Sometimes when you really admire someone for their art, talent, craft (whatever you wanna call it), maybe it's best you don't meet them in person because it's true what they say - people may not be who they seem.

I'll rule it out as jet-lag; or maybe because you're so gifted, you're not so people-oriented (which I think is absolute bullshit).

Here's what I realized having been in the biz for about 10 years (which I think is long enough, what d'ya think?) - some people do, in fact, live in th...Read more

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KHALIL for president!

Since we're on a KFONG roll, thought I'd add to my friend Terry's cause.

Here's just one of the many reasons Khalil Fong should be on AnD and be president ;)

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zpsv_TvW5ZU You've got class K. In fact, you're in a league of your own.

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(RED) Campaign

Help fight HIV/AIDS in Africa with new red MOTOSLVR L7

  RED_MOTOSLVR_L7   The Malaysia launch of MOTO (PRODUCT) RED comes shortly after the US, UK, Singapore, and Switzerland  launches, which brought an enthusiastic response from supporters of the fight against AIDS in Africa.

In an unprecedented demonstration o...Read more

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Picnic in a mall

Another article I found, I know, I'm a lazy ass blogger.

(Source: The Star newspaper)

Wednesday September 5, 2007

Having a picnic in a shopping mall!


Photos by AZLINA ABDULLAHIT IS not very often that urbanites get to have a picnic in an urban park – right in the middle of a shopping mall.Guests at the recent launch of self-serve cafe D'lish did just that.Armed with picnic baskets filled with gour-met take-away meals from D’lish and a picnic mat, guests sat themselves co...Read more

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Korean band TVXQ Press Con.

I can hardly be seen, but I am HEARD. I'm the one speaking in English. This was when I hosted the press conference for popular Korean band TVXQ prior to their Msian stop of their Asian Tour Oct 2007.

AEC is a Chinese Entertainment channel on ASTRO (Msian satellite network)

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=roZ8NarVNHw

And this is fanmade. They try to regurgitate a few ...Read more

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I know it's been a while since I'd updated! Be back asap promise!!!

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