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Talk about utter stupidity...

I know teenagers can be pretty stupid at times (I was one) but how STUPID and irresponsible can you be to do this to a kid when you're the adult!!! Bartender no less (I was one too)!!!

(From BBC online Feb 11, 09)

Barman tried over fatal tequila



A tequila shot (file pic)

The Mexican liquor is made with juice from the cactus-like agave plant


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My valentine

The man I woke up to every chilly afternoon when I was in Taipei

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EHzyNPQRaQs Loved this episode.

(I know it sounds sad but) I screamed a little bit when I realised I'd been to Soft Tofu too!!!

Gotta hand it to Bourdain to make a wintery day cheerful...

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Lookie what I found...

1979 - Simon Cowell @ the age of 19!!!

Prior to his moobs days.

The kid in the pic (below) who's obviously not  kid now decided to sell them pics to British tabloids.


One thing's for sure - he&...Read more

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Taipei - random pics

We Malaysians must love our food cuz I have lots of food pics!

Perfect on-the-go tummy fillers - Ting Kua Kua.

So oily and GOOD!

Another street favorite: Minced pork and rice (forgot how to say it in Chinese)

So simple, so h...Read more

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Before/ After of a mag shoot

Here's the result of the mag shoot I did a couple of months ago (SHAPE February 09):

"UP YOUR PLEASURE QUOTIENT" THE GOOD SEX FOCUS - just had to be next to my face. lol!And here's what it looked like during the shoot:

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Start ur day with a smile (or chuckle)


Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ysqh1uzqGrc&feature=relateda

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Belated vacation pics - my 1st day in Taipei

Dec 23, 08:

As soon as the mic went off 10am at the radio station, I hopped into a cab to the airport to get the hell outta this godforsaken city! Don't get me wrong, I love KL but living and working in a bustling city can drive you nuts I'm sure you agree.

What do I do? I head to another bustling city in a diff country! LOL Sounds silly I know but at least I'm not working and I was craving cold weather.

Soon as I touched down, my friend takes me to one of the many popular Tai...Read more

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Children - don't read this


From a blogger I shall not name:

Barbie Creator Was A Sex Addict, Ken Was Gay


Jack Ryan, the man who made Barbie a household name in the 70's, was a full blown sex addict for a penchant for tall blonds in heels. Surprised? Meh.

From Toy Monster: The Big, Bad World of...Read more

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If I ask you not to think of a duck...

What image is appearing in your head right now?

Cute huh?

A friend taught me that little exercise.

Now when you're feeling your lowest...

when all elements seem to be against you...

Think of your favorite song,

Sing it out loud,

Hum it if you don't remember the words,

Chances are some of that frustration will evaporate.

Everything will fall into place.

Samantha James "Rise" is goin thru my head right now, h...Read more

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My head hurts - and I friggin' love it.

My head feels like it weighs 2 tons.  My limbs are not listening to my head. For the 4th day in a row, I wake up to Bourdain on Discovery. I snigger every time quintessentially taiwanese ads are peppered in between the segments. "They even pronounce Anthony Bourdain in Mandarin here!" What a juxtaposition. I take my invisible hat off to the Taiwanese for their pride in their language and culture.I channel surf to find dozens of game and talk shows. Another thing I find that's quintessentially Taiwanes...Read more

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I know it's been a while since I'd updated! Be back asap promise!!!

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