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This is a local Santa Monica improv duo.

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This is a video from last night's Tim McGraw Humble and Kind CMA performance. Tim had a music video already but about 75% of it was him singing which had to be replaced and so my job was to shoot new footage as well as re-edit the old footage so it all blended. The turn around was incredibly fast and Rita Maye Bland did an amazing casting job. One thing I was reminded of while directing the shoot of this was how interesting people can be when they stop trying to be interesting. Thanks Raj Kapoor for the opportunity as always and Brandon Alperin and Richard Do...Read more

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This is a great first or early birthday idea for my friends who have new or young children.

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"Four score and seven years ago..." "I had a dream...." "These are the smart people..."

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This is an interesting article which helps explain why Trump has the kind of support he has.

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Just wanted to share a link of people taking action to make a postive difference in the world.

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Fascinating. Sad. Terrifying. A few of these details I'd heard referenced over the years, but when you put it all together it's a bit overwhelming.

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This is a great cinema essay and it's the reason I score my own projects still. Because I think it's dangerous to put something into the cut that was not inspired by that moment. I'm not saying it can never work, it's just as this essay indicates - it's more difficult to create something that resonates if it's resolved to mimic.

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Marvel at science in action.

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April 13, 2007

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