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Kate VS Jack

so the PAP won the General Election 2o11. but the win was only marginal, by a 60.1 percent.still, they won.and by now as you would know, most Singaporean are not happy.not happy because the Opposition only took 6 seats in Parliament.not happy because they know for sure that the GST will go up.not happy because their estates will not be upgraded for the next 5 years.not happy because Nicole Seah won't be able to fulfill her promises.but most importantly, carrying a Kate Spade would be uncool.thankfully, i only own a couple of Jack Spade.Read more

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no one is perfect.

in all of my almost 42 years of being a singaporean, this is only my second time voting.isn't Election Season interesting? it is for me.from the People's Action Party to Workers Party,Singapore People's Party to Singapore Democratic Party & National Solidarity Party,to the new Reform Party & Singapore Democratic Alliance...did i leave anyone out?never have i seen people voicing out their conviction, passion andviews of the government so publicly.from Facebook pages to YouTube videos,stickers on lamp posts, to News repor...Read more

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OMG! so much happened in just one week. been busy with 3 events that's literally back to back.the TRIBECA Fashion Show, where models were 40mins late!CROCS Candy Collection Tour, 3 malls in 3 hours!& SHAPE Magazine Workshop with CROCS & Lo Real, with 60 women!this is the kind of crazy busy i like and yet it's all... OMG!then there's Miss Vasantham 2011.i'm having so much fun! speaking in Tamil AND for TV is so... OMG!taking my seat as a resident judge on such an iconic show is truly a blessing.and the response has been overwhelmi...Read more

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i am sorry.

sometimes we take things for granted. family. work. god. relationship. etc.but its usually friends that we take for granted.i know i do.recently a friend of mine tagged me on a picture on facebook.it was a silly picture actually,he sent his 'seasons' greeting with that pictureand i simply untagged.i went further by making unpleasant remarks.remarks about him and how 'fake' he was by associating himself to these festivals,knowing that everyone of his friends would see these remarks.little that i know that he would take it badly.he ...Read more

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so it Fashion Season! from Men's Fashion Week to Fashion Season on Orchard,Audi Fashion Festive and the newly announced Women's Fashion Weekat the end the year it looks like Singapore is thenew fashion capital in asia.but then again, Singapore is always trying to be one upin the world so guess Fashion is a good way to go.so then why we getting it so bad?at MFW, the guests were dressed to outshine everyone.i'm not kidding!boys in leather skirts!at the opening of Ashley Isham's new concept boutique at the OC,leopard prints were worn from ...Read more

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Giselle's Dream

check out the new album Giselle's Dream, a series of editorial shoots for SingaporeBrides.com which was styled by yours truly!

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mirror at home

so we all experience Singapore's 1st MEN'S FASHION Week. i had the honor (free tickets actually) of attending some of the shows,but to my surprise the fashion show i witnessed before the runway showwas just as jaw dropping or maybe even more than some labels featured.there were leopard prints suits,leather skirts and clutch,red coats and boots,multi layered tops,sequins and blings.and these were just what the Guys were wearing!!!my friends suggested a ''Post Show'' TV show that i thought was a brilliant idea!are we lac...Read more

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90 days of 2011 has just passed. the 1st quarter officially gone.so what did we learn?Be prepared to be screwed.Don't commit to anything without a black & white.Want something done? Do it yourself.Don't depend on favors.Respect is earned.Talent is rare.Be Strong and Brave.Dream Big.Learn.Believe.and Be Thankful.

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the usual

everyday i wake up feeling like a million bucks! i thank god for the day He's blessed me with.have my smoke. go online. the usual.then i leave the house to... gym. eat. coffee. the usual.and sometimes during the usual things happen.i meet people. get calls. see what's around me. the usual.people ask for favors.clients delay payments.things go south.so what do i do?i go to bed to wake the next day to look forward to a great day.the usual. but i know it usually gets better.Read more

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one too many Divas!

don't mean to sound like one, but am the only DIVA in my life! people forget that sometimes when u wanna get things doneits better to be nice than being a Bitch.trust me. i know what i'm talking about.u can be rude, arrogant, obnoxious and even a pain in the ass.why... u might even get the job done.but it also means that U were being a prick.acting like a Diva doesn't get u far.people will remember u but usually for all the wrong reasons.seriously. i have seen them all.models. actors. fastionistas. agents. makeup artists.and a...Read more

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