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my mini... part 2

so where was i?

right... my mini!

on saturday i decided to do something i never thought

i'd ever do, at least never on my own.

to be brave!

to be courageous!

to buy computer.

i ventured into Sim Lim Square.

the one mall i knew that i would be like a fish out of its golden pond.

me. in a multi-storey shopping centre where all they sell

are things you can't eat or wear!

but i told myself that i wasn't there for a food or fashion intervention......Read more

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my mini... part 1

miss me?

sorry for the long absence but i was busy...

busy doing NOTHING!!!

yes! i'm done with my projects for the 1st six months

of 2009 and i'm FREE!, for now...

which also means i'm not sure what's happening next...

But! i'm not worried.

GOD will take care of everything for me... as always.

so... what have i been up to?

well, went swimming almost every day last week

so now i am darker than ever.

caught up with my friends and it was...Read more

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shoes & sales!!

i decided that instead of talking about stars, celebrities

and icons passing away...

i wanna talk about shoes and sales!

i know i said that i hate dressing up blah blah blah...

but i love SHOES!

truth is, its pretty hard to find a good pair of shoes

you would be interested in!

they are like... your good friends.

good friends are always there when you need them.

they support you.

they leave you alone.

and no matter what you can always rely on them!

...Read more
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i'm an addict

hi, my name is marcus and i'm an addict.

an addict to the computer!

before i would only check my email once in a long long

while or better still, have someone else check it for me.

now, i not only check that but i also try and update

my blog and my facebook account too.

trust me, IT TAKES FOREVER!!

so what's new?

well, i just finished styling the 2nd season of SCORE.

no... its not a sports programme.

its an Arts oriented show on OKTO Channel.

its...Read more

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did you know...

i only drink COKE Zero. i only wear white Calvin Klein.bet you didn't know that. ok, fine. some of you did. but there are so many other things you may or may not know.like...when i turned 30, i wanted to retire at 35.i'm 40 this year and i want to do more!i've never been to bali but been to brazil, twice for 2 months each!i so want a holiday.i don't do editorials for magazines cos they don't pay the makeupand hair team!they pay the models, photographers and stylists but never the beauty team.i say its rubbish.i hate to wor...Read more

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a couple of weeks ago i was heading to a client's office when

a guy stopped and asked if he could take a snap shot of me

for the ION Orchard's facebook of fashionable/stylish individuals.

well, i thought it would be a cool idea since I myself was

getting IT started & for once wasn't in my usual

berm-shorts and Tshirt getup, so why not.

so i stood there,

right in the mix of the busy sidewalk on orchard road,

the photographer CLICKED!

my 15 minutes ended in 15 seco...Read more

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i have a life.

this body took time, personal endurance and lots of nagging to

get where it is today.

yes... i workout.

ok fine.. maybe not workout workout, but i do my best.

or at least i pretend to.

i usually try to hit the gym about 2 to 3 times a week.

so in a way the gym has become like a second home to me.

i am super comfortable there and i DO know all the staff.

since i'm almost ALWAYS there,

i've come to notice a few things.

at FITNESS FIRST Platinum Clubs, they p...Read more

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its all about the buzz.

ok... the buzz has already begun...

the buzz about me on facebook and this blog...

yes. yes. yes.

i'm now IT savvy. and i've been invited to the PC Show @ Suntec this weekend... No, not by the organizers, though that would be nice

but its actually my friends.

they were being nice.

maybe the vendors read my blog, recognise me and graciously GIVE

me a computer and a digital camera... maybe.

the buzz about Supermodelme.TV

an online reality show where 10 g...Read more

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you will not believe this but... I'M ON FACEBOOK!!!seriously!and i did not create it!CHRIS!!!!!chris is my friend and agent who thought its the bestpresent he could give me because i started this blog. so now i have more reasons to sit in front of thecomputer and use my 1 finger...

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the ORIGINAL IT idiot

i LOVE this whole blog thing!

seriously! its amazing!

whoever came up with this should be paid like a gazillion bucks!

now, as most of you would know, i am the original IT Idiot.

nene created my 1st email address for me in 2004 only because

he knew what a retard i was with computers.

and up to late last year i actually had people check my emails for me.

i even had them do my e-invoices and billings cos

thats how bad i am with computers!

and speaking of computer......Read more

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